Pringle Creek Daylighting and Restoration Project

Prongle Creek above Willamette Slough

Pringle Creek above Willamette Slough


The Pringle Creek Daylighting (concrete removal) and Restoration Project is just upstream of the confluence to the Willamette Slough and the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge.  It is bound by the Commercial Street SE Bridge on the west, and by a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad bridge on the east. Crews working on the northwest side of the Commercial Street Bridge are making steady progress on an effort to safely chip and peel the concrete remnants from the former Boise Cascade Paper Mill away from the creek. As the debris is removed, efforts will move forward to stabilize and slowly restore this section of creek.  Pathway connections to Riverfront Park and the Minto Island Pedestrian Bridge will also be explored.

Project goal/objective

This project is a continuation of existing restoration efforts underway in the Minto Island Conservation Area and that are Restoring the Slough. Portions of Pringle Creek are presently obstructed and hidden under layers of concrete from the former Boise Cascade Paper Mill.  This project will remove these concrete remnants and return the creek channel to a more natural condition.  This project will provide the following benefits:

  • Daylight (remove concrete) Pringle Creek west of the Commercial Street Bridge.
  • Enhance the natural streamflow in Pringle Creek
  • Improve fish passage by replacing constructed fish ladder with instream pools and riffles
  • Increase aquatic habitat through the installation of boulders and large woody debris
  • Increase the diversity of wildlife through the installation of native plants along the stream.


This project will be funded with $1.3 million from the South Waterfront Urban Renewal Area funds and $1.6 million from the stormwater utility funds. 

Project schedule

Concrete removal and stream channel and bank restoration are anticipated to be completed by December 2019.

Background information

The project reach was historically the site of a Boise Cascade paper mill with a building that was constructed over the Pringle Creek channel. While the building has been removed, the concrete slab, rows of supporting pilings, and a large water tank have remained in place, blocking stream flow and partially covering the creek. 

Removing concrete from Pringle Creek.

Removing Concrete from Pringle Creek

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