Register for the Salem Special Citizen Program

​The Special Citizen Registry is a voluntary program for Salem residents with mental health or developmental disabilities who may have difficulty communicating their needs because of an acute crisis or continuing disability. With your voluntary registration, officers will be able to contact your family or care provider in an emergency.

Individual registrations

You can register for this program if you have a disability and you are your own guardian, yet you feel there are times when you would be unable to convey information about yourself to police during an emergency or unexpected situation.

Guardian registrations

If you have legal guardianship or power of attorney over someone who may need assistance in crisis, you may register them by completing the registration and providing certified copies of the guardianship.

Registration process

  • Complete the registration form.

  • Contact the Salem Police Volunteer Coordinator to make an appointment.

  • Bring a photograph, head and shoulders, of yourself or the individual to be registered.

You must update your registrations annually, and you can change your information or withdraw at any time.

Helpful tips for registry participants

Participants and their families can prepare for emergencies by doing the following:

  • Keep a current file of pertinent information about the applicant, such as medical issues, allergies, likes, and dislikes.

  • Have a recent photograph of the applicant available, and update it every six months

  • Create an emergency plan for you and your family, and then practice the plan with everyone in your household.

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