Register Your Non-profit, Public or Commercial Property to Host Car Camping Location


​The City of Salem launched a new car camping pilot program.  Non-profit, public, or commercial entities owning or operating a property can apply to host car camping location.  Properties eligible to host may not be located within or adjacent to a residential zone, or be currently used for a residential use.  Car camping locations must be registered with the City.  No more than eight locations in the City can be registered at any one time. 

To register your location, print and submit this application.  

The program is not funded or sponsored by the City of Salem.  Property owners hosting vehicle camping do so at their own risk and expense. All costs associated with hosting vehicle camping are the responsibility of the property owner. These costs may include providing toilet facilities, trash receptacles, supervision of the guests, and clean-up of the area. 

Property owner vehicle camping host requirements to. 

  1. Vehicle camping is limited to properties operated by a non-profit, public, or commercial entity, and not located within or adjacent to a residential zone, or property currently used for a residential use;

  2. Daily hours of operation is limited to 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.;

  3. The property owner must register the location with the City, Community Development Department;

  4. No more than eight locations may be registered with the City at any time;

  5. The property owner shall provide on-premises access to a minimum of two restrooms per location;

  6. The property owner shall provide the equivalent of one 32 cubic foot garbage receptacle for each vehicle on the premises in addition to any garbage receptacles otherwise required for the property;

  7. Camping is limited to vehicles, and not tents or other improvised camps;

  8. Vehicles possessing septic systems (e.g., recreational vehicles) must be emptied and free of leaks prior to admittance to a site;

  9. No more than six vehicles are allowed per location;

  10. All vehicles used for camping must be licensed and registered;

  11. All personal property must be managed and stored in compliance with SRC chapter 50 – property maintenance;

  12. All activities shall comply with SRC Chapter 93 – Noise;

  13. No open flames will be allowed at the location, including within the vehicles;

  14. The owner-operator of a location may not charge a fee for the use of the property for camping;

  15. The owner-operator has the right to refuse entry or discontinue use for any individual, subject to SRC Chapter 97 - Human rights;

  16. No person may camp at a registered location for more than 29 consecutive days. 

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