Repair or Report Damaged Sidewalks

Property owner responsibilities

As described in SRC 78.154, property owners have the following repsonsibilities:

  • Maintain all walkways and driveways between the curbline and the right-of-way line.
  • Report dangerous conditions in the sidewalk caused by trees in public rights-of-way.
  • Clear debris, vegetation, snow, and ice from sidewalks.

Requirements for repairing sidewalks

As a property owner, you can repair a damaged sidewalk yourself or have a contractor do the work, but you need to get a sidewalk repair permit and a sidewalk closure permit from the Permit Application Center. Both permits are free. The permits ensure the repair work is inspected by the City to make sure it meets City Standards.

​Report a sidewalk in need of repair

To ask a question or report a sidewalk repair issue online, fill out the form below.

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