Report Graffiti


Help keep graffiti out of the community by reporting and removing​ it quickly.

Submit a report

You can report graffiti to the Salem Police Department Graffiti Abatement Team using one of the following methods:

  • Call 503-371-4264 and leave your name, telephone number, location of the graffiti, and a brief description.

  • Email [email protected] and include your name, telephone number, location of the graffiti, and a description of the graffiti. Attach a photo (if available).​​

  • Print and fill out Graffiti Abatement Report Form, then either:

    • Mail the form or bring it to the police department at:
      Salem Police Department
      555 Liberty ST RM 130

      Salem OR 97301

    • Fax it to 503-588-6135

How reports are processed

Once the Graffiti Abatement Team receives your report, they will try to contact the property owner. They will advise them of the graffiti, provide resources for graffiti removal products, and give tips and tricks for removal. The team will take photos if needed and complete a police report to finalize the process.​

Additional information

Contact us

Graffiti Abatement TeamPolice Department
555 Liberty St SE RM 130
Salem OR 97301
Email: [email protected] Attach a photo of the graffiti, if available.
503-371-4264Leave your name, your telephone number, and the location and description of the graffiti.
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