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The new Public Records Request portal makes it easier to submit, track and pay for requests online.

Types of Public Records​

Public records include handwritten, typed, photographed, electronic or otherwise recorded words, letters, pictures, sounds, symbols, or combinations of any of these. You must request permission from Court staff prior to the court proceeding . If you intend to use a recording device, you must request permission from Court staff prior to the court proceeding.

These records can be anything created in the course of City business.

Salem is required by law to retain copies of the following case information:

  • Charging document
  • Judgment 

Fees for record requests​

Fees for public records vary depending on the type of request, amount of services, and staff time necessary to complete the request. The Public Records fee schedule lists fees for commonly requested items. Staff will provide an estimate of how much you will be charged. Additional costs for certification will apply.

The City may furnish copies of requested records without charge or at a reduced fee, if the City determines it is in the public interest.​

Public records from other agencies

The Municipal Court cannot provide the records listed below. You will need to contact other public agencies to obtain copies of records.

Disclaimer: Salem Municipal Court staff is unable to give legal advice.

Follow the steps outlined to request public court records.

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