Request a Fire Report


You can request a fire report, origin and cause report or a photo CD using the Fire Report Request Form. 

​How to request a fire report

  1. Fill out the Fire Report Request Form.
  2. Mail, fax, e-mail, or deliver the form to the Salem Fire Department.

Once the report is complete, it will be mailed to the mailing address you specify on the form.  You can also request that the reports be e-mailed back to you if you are not requesting a photo CD or one is not available.

Please note that depending on the complexity of the incident investigation, fire reports can take several weeks to complete.  Reports will not be released until complete.

Costs and types of reports

Fire report

A fire report is completed for every fire incident.  The fee for the fire report is $15.00.

Origin and cause report

If a Deputy Fire Marshal investigated the fire incident, an origin and cause report is also completed.  The fee for this report is $15.00.

Photo CD

During an investigation if photographs were taken of the scene, they are available in the form of a CD.  The fee for the creation of the photo CD is $20.00.

House damaged by fire.

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