Reserve a City Facility or Park

Due to COVID-19, parks and other City facilities are not available for reservation.  Continue to check in here, on the City's COVID-19 information center for all City service impacts, or dial our offices at 503-588-6261.

The City of Salem has various park and facilities available for special occasions like company picnics, receptions, parties, along with locations for community and private events.

To reserve a park amenity or facility, bring the following to the Parks and Recreation Services desk:

Allow five business days to process your application to be processed.

Change a reservation

Changes to a reservation that has already been approved and processed should be submitted at least five business days in advance and may result in a processing fee.

Cancellation policy

The City reserves the right to cancel any scheduled park or facility reservation due to unforeseen circumstances or emergency situations. If your reservation is canceled by the City, you may choose to receive a full refund or to reschedule your reservation.

Contact us

Parks and Recreation Services
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
555 Liberty ST SE RM 325
Salem OR 97301

Locations available for reservation

Select a location to view more detailed information about the reservation area.

Center 50+

Salem Public Library

Bush’s Pasture Park

  • Amphitheater
  • Gazebo-Rose Garden
  • Lower Leffelle Picnic Area
  • Phillips’ Field
  • Tennis Courts

Cascades Gateway Park 

  • Beaver Grove Shelter
  • Blue Gill “A” and “B”

Geer Community Park

  • Soccer fields
  • Baseball fields

Minto-Brown Island Park

  • Shelter

McKay Park

  • Soccer fields

River Road Park

  • Shelter
  • Soccer field(s) - 2
  • Tennis Court(s) - 2
  • Pickleball Court(s) - 2

Pringle Community Hall

  • Large activity room
  • Meeting room
  • Full kitchen
  • Outdoor picnic areas with tables

Riverfront Park

  • Amphitheater
  • Rotary pavilion

Wallace Marine Park

Woodmansee Park

  • Shelter
Tree, grass, and path at River Road Park.

River Road Park has a picnic shelter and soccer fields that may be reserved in advance for your use.

Rules for using a park

Salem's public parks are a beautiful addition to the City. To ensure our parks are enjoyable for everyone, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

For additional detail, you can refer to Parks Rules and Regulations


Smoking and vaping are not allowed in Salem parks. This includes parking lots located on park property. E-cigarettes, marijuana, and cannabis products are not allowed either.


Alcohol is allowed reservable areas and it must stay within 100 feet of those reserved areas. To have alcohol with the reservation, apply for an alcohol permit. The alcohol permit has associated fees.


Portable stoves and barbeque grills are welcome. Hot coals must be removed from the park unless an ash can is available on-site. Small portable barbeques are not allowed on the grass or tables. Please do not wash out your barbeque at the park.


Four-legged friends are welcome in City parks. Scoop and leash laws apply. Designated off-leash dog park areas are located within Cascades Gateway, Minto-Brown Island and Orchard Heights parks.

Sound equipment use

A small speaker is allowed, but use of larger amplified sound equipment, like a public address system, will need an approved sound permit and has associated fees.

Tents and canopies

Small backyard canopies for shade and protection from the rain are allowed. If the tent or canopy needs to be staked to the ground, an irrigation locate may be required in advance on the park permit and has associated fees. A tent or canopy permit is required if a tent is 400 square feet or more ,or if the canopy is 700 feet or more, and has associated fees.

Inflatable structures (bouncy houses)

While allowed in reservable areas, an irrigation locate request is required in advance on the park permit and has associated fees. A few reservable areas do not have sufficient electrical power and the permittee may need to bring a generator.

Electrical service

Access to electricity at an event held in the park must be requested in advance on the park permit.

Reservable areas without electricity exist in Bush's Pasture Park at the Rose Garden Gazebo, Lower Leffelle Picnic Area, and Phillips' Field.

Dunk tanks

Not allowed on City property.