Resolve to Make Your Community Better

Community Emergency Response Team members in action.

Community Emergency Response Team members in action.

​Are you considering New Year's resolutions to help make your life better in 2020?

The most common resolutions usually center on being more physically active, losing weight, getting organized, meeting new people or learning a new skill or hobby.

What if one resolution could help you do all of those things (weight loss not guaranteed) and help make your community a safer place, too?

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program trains volunteers to help their communities when a disaster or other emergency overwhelms or delays the community's professional response. CERT members help others by applying response and organizational skills they learn during CERT training. CERT skills can help save and sustain lives in a disaster until help arrives. They also apply in more day-to-day emergencies.

Team members take a 21-hour course to learn how to take care of themselves and help others for the first three days following a disaster. Generally speaking, this is the amount of time when blocked or damaged roads, disrupted communications, or high call volumes may prevent rapid emergency response from professionals.

Community Emergency Response Team volunteers maintain and improve their skills through exercises and activities. Supplemental training can help CERT members increase their skills. Team members can also volunteer for projects that improve community emergency preparedness.

The next schedule of free CERT training begins February 3. Just a few of the things you will learn include:

  • Types of hazards most likely to affect your homes and communities
  • The function of CERT and your role in immediate response
  • How to prepare you and your neighbors for a disaster
  • How to work as a team to apply basic fire suppression to put out small fires
  • How to use basic first aid on various injuries

To register, contact [email protected].

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