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The Salem City Council created the Salem City Council Transit Committee on May 22, 2017, with adoption of Resolution No. 2017-29.  The purpose of the Committee was to investigate potential ways for the City to support the public transportation system and to advise the City on policies and actions to improve public transportation in our community.

The Transit Committee was made up of members of City Council, riders of the public transit system, and members of the general public. The Transit Committee completed its work in 2018.  The Salem City Council approved the Transit Committee recommendations on December 10, 2018

Resolution 2017-29, Resolution 2017-43

Type of appointment: Mayoral appointment

Number of members: 15

Length of term: 1 Year

10/23/20182422 KB
10/23/2018159 KB
10/9/2018218 KB
10/9/20184302 KB
10/9/2018215 KB
8/14/201899 KB
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2/13/2018297 KB
1/9/2018221 KB
1/9/2018231 KB
2/16/2018Boise, ID State Street Corridor Transit Oriented Developement Policy Guidelines2441 KB
2/16/2018Eugene, OR Transit Oriented Development Overlay Zone82 KB
2/16/2018Olympia, WA Transportation Mobility Strategy520 KB
2/16/2018Salem, OR Cherriots Service Guideline 2018 Edition14453 KB
2/16/2018Spokane, WA Sustainability Action Plan633 KB
1/9/2018Cherriots needs assessment report (2017)6668 KB
12/12/2017Cherriots Core Network Map2451 KB
11/20/2017Cherriots Policy 109 - Urban Services Design Principles (Coverage vs Frequency)3061 KB
11/20/2017Cherriots Policy 118 - Core Network714 KB
11/20/2017Cherriots Policy 705 - System-Wide Service Standards837 KB
11/20/2017Cherriots Policy 706 - System-Wide Service Policies495 KB
10/25/2017Cherriots Community Survey Report 201723543 KB
10/25/2017Cherriots Presentation October 25, 20178090 KB
10/25/2017City Role in Public Transit288 KB
9/30/2017West Salem Connector Replacement Plan - September 20171377 KB
6/30/2016Cherriots Rider Survey Report - 20161115 KB
MemberPositionFilterAppointmentTermTerm Expires
Allan Pollock
1 Year
Cesar Ibarra
1 Year
Chris Hoy
City Councilor for Ward 6
1 Year
Chuck Bennett
1 Year
Cristina Marquez-Guerrero
1 Year
Cy Smith
1 Year
Ian Davidson
1 Year
James Alderson
1 Year
Jim Lewis
City Councilor for Ward 8
1 Year
Joshua Taverne
1 Year
Meg Rowe
1 Year
Nick Williams
1 Year
Rebekah Engle
1 Year
Sadie Carney
1 Year
Steve McCoid
Former City Councilor for Ward 4
1 Year

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