Salem Civic Center to Feature Northwest Native Trees

City of Salem workers plant new trees at Salem Civic Center to replace old and ailing trees.

City of Salem workers plant new trees at Salem Civic Center to replace old and ailing trees.

​Thirty new native and hardy ornamental trees will soon replace unhealthy trees at the Salem Civic Center grounds. 

Unhealthy trees at the planting site will first be removed from Peace Plaza (between City Hall and the Salem Library) and along the Liberty Street traffic pull-through. They will be replaced with a mix of northwest native species including Oregon white oak, bigleaf maple, Pacific madrone, deodar cedar, Japanese maple, red horse-chestnut, giant sequoia, American yellowwood, river birch, and black tupelo.  These trees have been selected for their seasonal beauty and minimal maintenance needs. 

Planting of the new trees is expected to begin by January and continue into the new year.   

"This is the best time of year for planting," said Patricia Farrell, Parks and Natural Resources Planning Manager.  "I'm really excited to see these new trees at the Civic Center.  Many of these are native species that will, in time, provide much larger canopy cover and greater ecological benefits to the site."

According to Milan Davis, the City's Urban Forester, "The trees being replaced have been in very poor condition for some time and unfortunately could not be saved. The new trees have been purposely selected to thrive in this location."

The City's Urban Forestry staff will be coordinating with the Library construction work already underway at the Civic Center.  To learn more about this or other tree planting projects in Salem, contact Milan Davis, Urban Forester, at [email protected] or 503-588-6211.

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