Salem Council Approves First Temporary Shelter for the Unhoused in West Salem


​As part of its mission to create a safe and welcoming community for all residents of Salem, the Salem City Council voted to establish a temporary shelter site at 2700 Wallace Rd. NW. The new site, located on city-owned property in West Salem, will be managed in partnership with Church at the Park, a local non-profit that has an established track record for outreach to Salem's unhoused population.

For this managed camp, preference for pre-screened individuals of 55 years old or better will be living in a micro-shelter on a temporary basis while connecting to services and a more permanent housing option.  With 24-hour security, the micro, pallet-based shelters provide safety for individuals living unsheltered in our community.  At the City Council meeting, several Councilors referenced their intent to have temporary shelter sites established in each area of the City.  Many of the buildings and open land parcels in our community, which appear empty or abandoned, are under contract for lease, not suitable for housing, or unavailable for this use.

"With a shelter crisis like this, we have to look for both short-term and long-term solutions to help people stabilize," said City Manager Steve Powers. "We are hopeful that Salem's efforts to establish a more permanent solution to our housing crisis such as the navigation center, expanded capacity at local shelters and affordable supportive housing developments will come online soon and limit the need for shelters such as this."

This approach to sheltering can help individuals get connected to services in a secure, supervised environment with consistent access to on-site amenities like toilets, storage, garbage removal, laundry, showers, and around-the-clock security. There are several host sites across Salem where individuals are living in micro communities.

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