Salem Crime Statistics


Crime statistics are one tool in helping residents and police understand the types of crime reported in the community. While the statistics help law enforcement make decisions to best direct resources and effectively address serious criminal issues, the data and information can also help residents understand the overall crime trends in the community. The data also depicts the types of calls for service handled daily by the police department.

Providing the data directly to the public emphasizes the Salem Police Department's commitment to maintaining public trust and transparency.

How to use the LexisNexis system

The map provides residents the ability to search for reported crimes in the city of Salem.

View a fullscreen version of the crime map in a new window

The community crime map is a user-friendly system which accepts queries based on a specific address. The menu on the left side of the box allows users to select their search based on a date range or an event type. The system also includes features such as a search for registered sex offenders.

Sample map on LexisNexis showing crime locations.

Once your selection is complete, icons depicting the various reported crimes appear on the map. Simply click on the icon to view the case number, crime type, hundred block and street name. Exact addresses are not listed by the system.

Under the Agency Layers drop down menu, users can also add geographical layers to show Salem's neighborhood association areas and police districts.

Sample LexisNexis Crime map with hand pointing to layers tab.

At the top of the map box, users can pick through several tabs which provide additional information based on the date and event parameters selected. The Data Grid tab shows the list of calls, while the Analytics tab provides graphical detail on the crime categories chosen, such as time and day of the week. 

Sample LexisNexis crime map with hand pointing to Analytics tab.

Historical data

Uniform Crime Reports are the standard crimes reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Find reported historical data from our city through their program on the FBI website.

View the Salem Police Uniform Crime Report: 15-Years in Review document.

Records requests

The Community  Crime Map can also assist with requests for police records. Easily determine the case number for the report you are requesting by first searching for the incident, then clicking on the icon. The case number is provided in the first line of information and listed as the IR Number. Please provide the letters and numbers after the colon mark in your request.

Call the Salem Police Records Section for more information about police records requests at 503-588-6144, or submit your request online using the City of Salem Public Records Request Portal.

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