Salem Economy Stable, Needs More Variety

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​Salem's economy is considered to be mostly stable. That is according to the results of the latest Our Salem survey question.

More than 50 people answered the multiple-choice question: "Which of the following options best describes Salem's Economy?" Half of respondents chose that the economy is "very stable, but lacks variety in business and job opportunities." This sentiment was echoed in several respondent comments, which describe the large presence of government jobs and a lesser variety in private sector economic opportunities.

Other survey results include the following:

  • 20%: Variety of business but not stable economy
  • 20%: Neither stable economy nor strong variety
  • 10%: Both stable economy and strong variety

As part of the first phase of the project, the City is working with a consultant team to understand the current state of the city and how Salem could grow in the future. Salem's economic health will be evaluated in this effort.

The most recent online survey sought to better understand the community's perception of the economy and job opportunities in Salem today.  Several measures related to Salem's economy are included in the top 20 indicators that rose to the top as most important out of a list of more than 80 possibilities.

To learn more about the Our Salem project and answer the latest survey question, visit the Our Salem project page.

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