Salem Fire Department Strategic Plan

Salem Fire Department Ladder 3 trcuk arriving at a fire.

​The Salem Fire Department strategic plan is the result of an in-depth examination of the department's vision for the future and a road map of how it will arrive at its destination. The strategic plan is a living document. It will be monitored for accomplishment, reviewed against current City Council goals, and adjusted as needed to ensure it remains a relevant and detailed path to the future.

In order to achieve the adopted Mission, Vision, and Values, five goals were developed, and strategic initiatives identified for each. A series of objectives and critical tasks were developed for each goal. The objectives describe, in measurable terms, specific projects to address each identified initiative. These objectives are believed to be realistic for the plan's five-year time frame. Critical tasks are identified for each objective and provide further definition to specific activities that must be accomplished to complete an objective. Timelines were assigned to indicate when, during this plan, an objective is to be initiated and completed. Lead responsibility for each objective was assigned as well.

Annually, prior to the development of the Department's budget request, this plan will be reviewed and updated. Completed objectives will be identified, objectives to respond to emerging issues added, and adjustments made to the remaining objectives to accommodate changing circumstances.

The Salem Fire Department will maintain this plan as a forward looking, comprehensive strategy to ensure it remains focused on those efforts that best support the City's and Department's mission.

Salem Fire Department Strategic Plan

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