Salem Fire Department

​Mission, vision, and values

Mission statement

Protecting lives, property, and the environment placing safety and service above all.


The Salem Fire Department will:

  • Provide excellent customer service and exceed the expectations of the people we serve, both internally and externally.

  • Be responsive to the changing needs of our customers.

  • Be an organization of highly trained and motivated professionals.

  • Be proactive in planning for our community’s future.

  • Be an organization highly respected by our peers.



All members working together to achieve the mission


Always doing what is right for our customers and our team. We are committed to honest, ethical behavior and hold ourselves accountable to these values.


Delivering service through professionalism and respect. Striving to be the best for our customers and team members.

Health and safety

We believe health and safety are essential to fulfilling our mission. We are committed to providing quality health and safety programs to ensure operational readiness and personal well-being.

Salem Fire Department organizational chart

Fire Department Key Measures

Response Times Grid Maps 2016 to 2020

​About the Salem Fire Department

The Salem Fire Department provides a wide range of emergency services to the City of Salem and the Salem Suburban Fire District. Based in eleven locations, the department currently runs eleven advanced life support fire engines and two aerial ladder trucks 24-hours per day. The Salem Fire Department also maintains two back-up ambulances that provide patient transport in times of high call volume.

Due to the staffing employed by Salem Fire Department, firefighters are able to initiate and maintain continuity of advanced life support care from initial contact through patient arrival at the hospital. Salem Fire has a public/private partnership with Falck Ambulance to provide emergency medical transport.

In support of those functions, the Salem Fire Department staffs an emergency operations division, a fire and life safety division, EMS and training divisions, and an emergency management office. Salem Fire is continually reassessing deployment, operational strategies, and support functions to ensure we have the optimal ability to provide the best customer service possible.

Firefighters in full gear using hoses to fight fire amidst smoke.

The Salem Fire Department fulfills its mission: “Protecting lives, property, and the environment placing safety and service above all.”

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​Divisions of the Fire Department

Emergency Operations

This division, also called EOD, is responsible for all of the people and equipment that respond to 911 calls. There are over 20,000 calls each year which need Fire Department response. Most of these calls are for someone needing medical help. Yet, our crews also respond to fires, auto accidents, downed power lines, fire alarms, and other types of public service calls.

Emergency Operations also provides the following specialized services:

  • Swift water rescue
  • Trench, rope and high angle rescue
  • Hazardous materials response
  • Salem Police SWAT medics

Fire and Life Safety Services

The Fire and Life Safety Services Division, often called Prevention, is responsible for the following primary areas:

  • Inspecting commercial and apartment buildings to make sure they comply with fire safety rules
  • Investigating fire incidents to determine origin and cause of the fire
  • Emergency management and disaster preparedness for the City
  • Reviewing new construction plans to make sure all new buildings comply with fire building safety rules
  • Educating the public in fire safety and emergency preparedness

Training and Emergency Medical Services

This division oversees the department's training programs to ensure that the department is prepared for any emergency. It is also responsible for managing the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provided by the Fire Department.

The Training and EMS division has responsibility for the following:

  • Firefighter recruitment, hiring, and promotional testing
  • New recruit training academy
  • Ongoing training and certification of firefighters and paramedics
  • Medical supplies ordering and tracking
  • Marion and Polk county Ambulance Service Area (ASA) management
  • Private ambulance contract management

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