Salem Heights Avenue South Street Refinement Plan


Project goal/objective

The of goal of this project is to develop a plan for Salem Heights Avenue S that:

  1. Improves the safety and utility of Salem Heights Avenue S for all users
  2. Reflects existing character of the neighborhood
  3. Results in one or a series of projects that can be adopted into the Salem Transportation System Plan and implemented as resources are available.

Project funding

Funding for this project comes from the City's share of State gas tax revenue.

Project schedule

Following the neighborhood meeting on June 25, 2019 the City will develop a project schedule. 

Project meetings

  • No information at this time.

Contact us

Anthony GamalloSenior Transportation PlannerPublic Works Department

​Project documents

Title (with link to item)DateType
Salem Heights Ave Draft Scope of Work6/20/2019salem-heights-ave-draft-scope-of-work.pdf

​Background information

Salem Heights Avenue S, extends from Liberty Road S to Sunridge Drive S and is a designated collector street. Designed more than 70 years ago, Salem Heights Avenue S does not meet the transportation needs of Salem residents per the Salem Transportation System Plan. Potential improvements include adding sidewalks, bike lanes, curbs, and gutters. The existing road presents many challenges, including particularly steep hills and narrow right-of-way. The goal of the project is to make Salem Height's avenue safer and easier to use for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians within the existing constraints while still maintaining the neighborhood's character.