Salem Housing Advisory Committee


The Salem Housing Advisory Committee advises the City of Salem Housing Authority Board of Commissioners on housing goals and policies, including low and moderate income housing needs, housing assistance programs and Housing Authority budgets.

Meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month at noon.

Special membership requirements:

  • One member from the general public
  • Two members being assisted by the Salem Housing Authority
  • One member representing real estate
  • One member representing development and finance
  • One member representing the elderly and minority group
  • One member representing an elected or appointed official of social services agencies
  • One member representing the Salem/Keizer School District 24J
  • One member representing legal and design profession
  • One member representing the City of Keizer


Authority: Housing Authority Resolution No. 748

Number of members: 10

Type of appointment: Salem Housing Authority chair recommendation with Board approval

Length of term: 4 years

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Housing Advisory Committee BylawsDocumenthac-bylaws.pdf16 KB
Salem Housing Advisory Committee ResolutionDocumentsha-resolution-748.pdf92 KB
Term Expires
Carl CramerRepresents the City of Keizer02/27/20171st12/31/2021
Chad W. BrownRepresents Tenants Assisted by Salem Housing Authority10/22/2018Partial12/31/2020
Joey GomezRepresents Real Estate05/08/20171st12/31/2020
Joyce JudyRepresents Tenants03/11/2019Partial12/31/2021
Julia JaureRepresents an Elderly/Minority Group03/11/20191st12/31/2022
Mark A CusickRepresents Development and Finance12/11/20171st12/31/2021
Sarah OwensRepresents Legal and Design02/10/20142nd12/31/2021
Stephen GayAt-Large12/11/20171st12/31/2021
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