Salem Human Rights Commission

The LGBTQ Task Force of the Human Rights Commission is conducting a survey to learn more about the LGBTQ communities in Salem and discrimination they may face. Please consider taking our survey so we can better learn how to serve the LGBTQ communities.



The Human Rights Commission advises the City Council on human rights and relations issues. This Board assists residents by hearing and resolving discrimination complaints and promoting harmony.

June 2020 Statement by Human Rights Commission

The State of Discrimination in Salem

2020 Human Rights Commission Presentation

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of most months at 6:00 p.m.

Special meetings, complaint hearings, and forums may be held as needed.

The Salem Police Department LGBTQ Liaison is Debra Aguilar, Lieutenant. She can be reached at 503-588-6425.

The Mayor/City Manager’s Office LGBTQ Liaison is Gretchen Bennett, Human Rights and Relations/Federal Compliance Manager. She can be reached at 503-540-2371.

Authority: SRC Chapter 8

Number of members: 15

Type of appointment: City Council appointment

Length of term: 3 years

DateDocument TitleFile SizeTypeAudio Minutes (MP3)
8/4/2020158 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-08-04.pdf
7/22/2020157 KBhuman-rights-lgbtq-rights-task-force-agenda-2020-07-22.pdf
7/7/2020156 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-07-07.pdf
6/24/2020158 KBhuman-rights-lgbtq-rights-task-force-agenda-2020-06-24.pdf
6/11/2020156 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-06-11.pdf
6/2/2020157 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-06-02.pdf
5/27/2020158 KBhuman-rights-lgbtq-rights-task-force-agenda-2020-05-27.pdf
5/19/2020155 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-05-19.pdf
3/5/2020104 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-03-05.pdf
2/26/2020124 KBhuman-rights-lgbtq-rights-task-force-agenda-2020-02-26.pdf
2/22/2020104 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-02-22.pdf
2/4/2020105 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-02-04.pdf
1/22/2020124 KBhuman-rights-lgbtq-rights-task-force-agenda-2020-01-22.pdf
1/7/2020105 KBhuman-rights-commission-agenda-2020-01-07.pdf
12/11/2019124 KBhuman-rights-lgbtq-rights-task-force-agenda-2019-12-11.pdf
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Term Expires
Alexandra J Dass05/09/20171st12/31/2020
Angelo J Arredondo12/12/2018Partial12/31/2020
David J Rheinholdt12/11/2019Partial12/31/2021
Drew Wright06/18/20201st12/31/2022
Felicia Bechtoldt12/14/20162nd12/31/2022
Krista Gallagher09/19/20181st12/31/2022
Louvele Borja05/07/20191st12/31/2021
Lowell R Alik06/07/20191st12/31/2022
Michael J Watters12/12/20181st12/31/2021
Nathan G SchmidtYouth Position (15-21)12/12/20181st12/31/2021
Renee M HK-LeBlond01/08/20181st12/31/2020
Rita Siong12/14/20161st12/31/2021
Tricarico Schwartz06/07/20191st12/31/2022
Wilma J Marchbanks06/07/2019Partial12/31/2020

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