Salem Issues First-Ever Annual Community Report

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The Annual Community Report is an update on the City's progress toward achieving the City Council and community priorities outlined in the Salem Strategic Plan.

​The City of Salem issued its first-ever annual community report on its progress to implement the City Council and Salem community priorities outlined in the Salem Strategic Plan. You can read the report and learn more about the Strategic Plan and the 2018 Annual Policy Agenda. Nearly 100 people shared their thoughts on the future direction of the City at a town hall on October 24 at Broadway Commons.

What is in the Annual Report?

The 2018 Annual Report is an update on the City's progress toward achieving Strategic Plan priorities, as articulated in the 2017 Strategic Plan and the City Council's annual work plan, or the 2018 City Council Policy Agenda. The report is organized around the community and Council expectations of service and desired results from the City, or result areas. The six result areas are based in the Strategic Plan's vision, mission, and values:

  • Safe Community;
  • Welcoming and Livable Community;
  • Strong and Diverse Economy;
  • Safe, Reliable and Efficient Infrastructure;
  • Natural Environment Stewardship;
  • Good Governance.

What is Salem's Strategic Plan?

Salem's Strategic Plan describes the City's guiding vision, mission, and values. It also identifies goals and actions the City may take in the next three-to-five years. The City Council will use the Strategic Plan to track progress and revisit goals, updating it periodically.

Priorities - in Context

The City's ability to sustain services is at risk, despite recent economic growth. The cost to provide City services is growing faster than the revenue the City receives from property taxes and fees. The Council's Policy Agenda is a way to prioritize services and staff resources for the upcoming budget. 

In addition to day-to-day emergency response, parks maintenance, police patrol and investigations, planning and code enforcement, economic development, library services, and multi-generational recreation opportunities, staff continue to work on 2018 Policy Agenda priorities, including: 

  • Developing more affordable housing;
  • Opening a sobering center;
  • Beginning an update to the Comprehensive Plan;
  • Hiring and training firefighters to re-open Station 11 in West Salem;
  • Beginning construction of a new Police Station and Library Renovation project;
  • Testing the market for high speed internet downtown. 

The City continues to make use of available resources according to Council and community priorities, learn about revenue options, and plan for future infrastructure needs. 

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