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Transparency in our communications is as important as the openness of the police department's actions and decisions written into policies and procedures. The following page provides an overview of the methods and processes the Salem Police Department uses for its public communications.

Press releases

A press release is an agency's official statement concerning an incident and the actions taken. Publishing the statements is an integral part of the Salem Police Department's efforts to provide clarity and develop public trust.

Press releases recently issued by the department are available through FlashAlert Newswire. Subscribe to receive Salem Police FlashAlerts.  Press releases are also posted to the Salem Police Department's primary social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook.

Annual toy Drive in Full Swing - 12/08/2021242 KB12/8/2021
Arrest Made in Double Homicide at Salem Bar - 07/21/2021165 KB7/21/2021
Arrest Made in Northeast Salem Shooting Incident - 03/20/2021157 KB3/30/2021
Arrest Made in Sex Abuse Investigation - 02/09/2021220 KB2/9/2021
Arrests Made in West Salem Robbery - 12/20/2021191 KB12/20/2021
Arrests Made in West Salem Shooting Incident - 04/07/2021178 KB4/7/2021
Bloodhound Added to Salem Police K-9 Unit - 07/16/2021181 KB7/16/2021
Body Recovered from Willamette River - 01/26/2021139 KB1/26/2021
Child Missing in Northeast Salem - 01/29/2021187 KB1/29/2021
Collision in South Salem Results in Two Fatalities - 12/25/2021190 KB12/25/2021
Crash and Death Investigation in Northeast Salem - 01/17/202137 KB1/17/2021
Crash and Death Investigation in Northeast Salem Update - 01/30/202138 KB1/30/2021
Detectives Seek Assistance in Locating Suspect in North Salem Motel Homicide - 07/08/2021174 KB7/8/2021
Domestic Violence Incident Ends in Arrest - 11/05/2021180 KB11/5/2021
Dual Overnight Traffic Crashes - 08/07/2021155 KB8/7/2021
Early Morning Single Vehicle Fatality in Southeast Salem - 12/05/2021188 KB12/5/2021
Fatal Crash Involving Pedestrian in Downtown Salem - 07/03/2021157 KB7/3/2021
Fatal Motorcycle Crash in South Salem - 09/04/2021178 KB9/4/2021
Fire Leads to Death Investigation Update - 11/22/2021197 KB11/22/2021
Fire Leads to Death-Investigation - 11/19/2021189 KB11/19/2021
Homicide at Salem Bar Updated - 07/07/2021166 KB7/7/2021
Investigation Leads to Arrest of Arson Suspect - 01/16/2021108 KB1/16/2021
Juvenile Injured by Gunshot - 09/24/2021293 KB9/24/2021
La-Opinión de Los Residentes Es Esencial a Medida Que La-Policía-de-Salem Desarrolla un Plan Trienal - 09/30/2021176 KB9/30/2021
Man Arrested for Firing Gun at Protest - 04/16/2021167 KB4/16/2021
Motorcyclist Killed in Crash - 08/24/2021182 KB8/24/2021
Northeast Salem Shooting Incident Under Investigation - 04/16/2021124 KB4/16/2021
Officer Involved Shooting in Polk County - 07/01/2021156 KB7/1/2021
Officers Investigate Report of Armed Person on School Campus - 11/17/2021240 KB11/17/2021
Officers Respond to Shooting Incident in Northeast Salem - 05/10/2021191 KB5/10/2021
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Media Inquiries

Reporters representing credentialed online, print, television, and radio media organizations are encouraged to subscribe to the FlashAlert Newswire. Emergency alerts and non-urgent media releases are posted to the service, which in turn sends an immediate email to subscribers. In general, all press releases are also posted to the Salem Police Department's social media accounts.

Media inquiries must be sent by email to [email protected]. Any request from a credentialed reporter or news outlet will be coordinated by the public information officer or communications director, whether case or breaking news related.

A media kit is available for reporters which contains responses to the most common questions about the Salem Police Department.

Social media communications

The Salem Police Department also utilizes social media to communicate with the public. In an effort to increase connections with residents through images and videos or inform the community about the types of calls handled by officers and detectives, social media has become a commonplace.

Salem Police uses Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, Twitter and YouTube as information-sharing methods.

Public records or police report requests

Call the Salem Police Records Section for more information about police records requests at 503-588-6144 or submit your records request online.

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