Salem Police Strategic Plan

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​Welcome to the landing page for the Salem Police Department 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. The strategic plan's three-year framework represents our commitment to improve the way we serve our community. The goals, objectives, and strategies captured in the strategic plan provide focus for the department, ensuring the best use of our limited resources toward measurable progress.

The development of the plan includes an internal and external planning process which combined employee input and community feedback. The plan also incorporates recommendations from the 2020 Community Engagement Assessment. The strategic plan solidifies a new policing philosophy in Salem which improves safety and quality of life, while enhancing trust in the department.

Mission, vision  and values

Every strategic plan weaves in a mission to help define a purpose, a vision for what will be achieved, and the values, or principles, on which the organization's work is based. The following statements and principles were developed as part of the strategic plan:

Mission – Provide superior service to keep Salem safe while enhancing trust.

Vision – To be a model for 21st-century policing using effective, innovative, community-informed approaches toward improved safety.

Values – Collaboration • Honor • Integrity • Compassion

Strategic priorities

The strategic plan's priorities include the following three themes:


Safety is intended to include keeping the community and employees safe.


Legitimacy is the public's belief that those who are charged with enforcing the law are capable, qualified, effective, and trustworthy.


Excellence reflects the quality the department strives to achieve through its continual efforts to be a professional, forward-thinking, and a modern police agency.

A message from Chief Womack

Please take moment to review the Salem Police Department 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and watch Chief Womack's message to the community about the project.


Learn more about how the strategic plan was developed.

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