Salem Public Art Commission


The Public Art Commission is charged with overseeing the City’s public art collection and recommending the Public Art Fund annual budget to City Council. The commission meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

The commission’s primary duties include:

  • Acquisition
  • Maintenance
  • Cataloguing
  • Decommissioning art within the City’s collection
  • Approving public murals

Special membership requirements:

  • Two members experienced in the arts, art education, or art criticism
  • Two members experienced in museum curating, art restoration, or art appraisal
  • Two members experienced in landscape architecture, real estate, development, or community foundations
  • One member from the community at-large


Authority:  SRC Chapter 15

Number of members: 7

Type of appointment: Mayoral recommendation with City Council approval

Length of term: 3 years

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Term Expires
Christine T D'arcyExperienced in landscape architecture, real estate development or community foundations10/08/20182nd12/31/2021
Eileen Cotter HowellExperienced in the arts, art education or art criticism10/02/20182nd12/31/2021
Kelly J JamesAt-Large03/11/2019Partial12/31/2020
Michael L HernandezExperienced in museum curation, art restoration or art appraisal07/01/20181st12/31/2022
Paula BoothExperienced in museum curation, art restoration or art appraisal11/14/20162nd12/31/2022
Rachel BucciExperienced in the arts, art education or art criticism10/08/20181st12/31/2021
Spencer EmerickExperienced in landscape architecture, real estate development or community foundations06/22/20201st12/31/2022
Dec. 25

City offices, Center 50+, and the Salem Public Library will be closed for the holiday observance.

Contact us

Heather DimkeManagement Analyst IIPublic Works Department
555 Liberty ST SE,
Room 325
Salem, OR 97301