Salem Public Library Looking Forward to Green Future

Solar Panels on Library Roof

Solar Panels on Library Roof

​Construction work is underway to make the Salem Public Library safer in an earthquake, improve accessibility within and around the exterior of the building, and make other critical improvements including replacement of Library shelving.  These upgrades are being paid for by a bond approved by voters in November 2017, and with the additional support of the Salem Public Library Foundation. The building will re-open in the summer of 2021.

We're striving for LEED Silver level for sustainability and energy efficiency as we give another 50 years of life to an existing 50-year-old building.  The seismic improvements we're making now will help the building survive a seismic event.  In 2070, this building will still be standing. 

We're incorporating green energy technology throughout the building systems.  On an annual basis, the solar photovoltaic array alone will produce approximately 58,700kWh or the equivalent of power for four average-sized homes.  We were also able to modernize all building systems, including heating ventilation and air conditioning systems.  These investments will result in energy and cost savings for the life of the building.  Other energy efficiency improvements include:

  • Installed new R-30 roofing insulation on the 1970's era building;
  • Upgraded curtainwall window systems with sealed and seismically resilient from the 1970's era aluminum storefront system;
  • Added continuous insulation at new exterior shear walls;
  • Replaced all exterior and interior lighting to high efficiency LED luminaires;
  • Specified natural materials (wood) and low VOC paints and finishes;
  • Replaced all carpets and ceilings with materials certified not to include hazardous products (or 'red list free") to ensure safe indoor air quality: and
  • Replaced all plumbing fixtures with 'low flow" to minimize water use.


Installation of new windows

Installation of new windows

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