Salem River Crossing - Land Use Actions, Case Number CA16-04

2019 Update

On January 30, 2019, the Salem City Council held a work session to discuss the Salem River Crossing project. A report summarizing the Salem River Crossing project was prepared to respond to questions from the City Council and members of the public (see below). Following this work session, the City Council on February 11, 2019, voted to send a letter to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to take no further action on the remaining land use actions needed for ODOT to complete the Final Environmental Impact Statement for a new bridge. As a result of this action, city staff will work with ODOT and FHWA to complete the Salem River Crossing project with No Build as the preferred alternative. The option to do nothing, referred to as the No Build alternative, is always an acceptable option to conclude an Environmental Impact Statement process.
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Archive Information

The Salem River Crossing project is working toward on a solution that will reduce traffic congestion for on the two bridges that cross the Willamette River and the connecting roads in downtown and West Salem.

The Salem River Crossing refers to the environmental planning process that the City of Salem has been participating in to identify the preferred location for a new bridge across the Willamette River in the Salem-Keizer area.

Required land use actions

The State Agency Coordination Rule (Oregon Administrative Rule 731-015-0075(3)) requires that the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) rely on affected cities and counties to make all plan amendments and zone changes necessary to achieve compliance with the statewide planning goals and compatibility with local comprehensive plans prior to completion of the Final Environmental Impact Statement.

The City must take a number of land use actions in order to demonstrate consistency with statewide planning goals and compatibility with the Salem Area Comprehensive Plan which include:

  • Amending the Salem Transportation System Plan
  • Modifying the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB)
  • Taking an exception to Statewide Planning Goal 15 (Willamette River Greenway).

These land use actions are being processed together as Land Use Application Case No. CA16-04. The UGB amendment must also be concurred in by the City of Keizer, Marion County, and Polk County.

Key action timeline

Key actions include:

  • The joint public hearing for the land use actions held on October 12, 2016
  • The written record was held open for submission of additional written testimony including new evidence until October 19, 2016.
  • Salem City Council held deliberations on December 5, 2016, where they voted to adopt the proposed amendments.
  • Land Use Board of Appeals case (LUBA No. 2016-126) Final Opinion and Order on August 9, 2017.

Final adopted ordinances

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Summary of responses to public testimony113 KB12/16/2016
DLCD confirmation of receipt of form 2 notice of adoption 2016-12-09623 KB12/9/2016
Keizer final adopted ordinance 2016-76326159 KB12/9/2016
Marion County final adopted ordinance 137114729 KB12/9/2016
Polk County final adopted ordinance 16-04 signed19463 KB12/9/2016
Adopted engrossed ordinance 14-1622008 KB12/8/2016
Engrossed ordinance bill 14-16116 KB12/1/2016
Exhibit 1 findings report10336 KB12/1/2016
Exhibit 2 supplemental findings1323 KB12/1/2016
Exhibits 3-728627 KB12/1/2016
Staff report ordinance first reading 2016-10-10209 KB10/10/2016
Keizer staff report23 KB10/6/2016
Attachment1 ordinance bill109 KB10/5/2016
Attachment2 overview pa4000 KB10/5/2016
Attachment3 tsp map243 KB10/5/2016
Attachment4 excerpt salem tsp amendment317 KB10/5/2016
Attachment5 UGB map214 KB10/5/2016
Attachment6 salem comprehensive plan designations338 KB10/5/2016
Attachment7 greenway188 KB10/5/2016
Keizer notice and certificate of mailing325 KB10/5/2016
Marion County staff report28 KB10/5/2016
Ordinance bill exhibits 2 628728 KB10/5/2016
Polk County staff report for joint hearing 2016-10-12213 KB10/5/2016
Procedures for joint hearing135 KB10/5/2016
Staff information report 2016-10-1299 KB10/5/2016
Findings report exhibit 1 to the ordinance 2016-10-049485 KB10/4/2016
Marion County initiation resolution2289 KB9/28/2016
CA16 04 public hearing notice185 KB9/22/2016
Keizer resolution initiating amendment process UGB Willamete River Crossing73 KB9/14/2016
Polk County resolution 16-14 initiating amendments540 KB9/14/2016
Keizer regional planning action request letter168 KB8/17/2016
Marion County regional planning action request letter105 KB8/17/2016
Polk County regional planning action request letter105 KB8/17/2016
Preferred alternative description454 KB8/17/2016
Resolution 2016-35 initiating land use actions21 KB8/17/2016
Initiation 2016-08-0897 KB8/8/2016
Written Testimony 31, Cortright 10-12-16582 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 32, Kathy Lincoln 10-12-165235 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 33, Beaton 10-12-16865 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 34, Deumling 10-12-16712 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 35, Salem Assoc of Realtors 10-12-16466 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 36, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce 10-12-16615 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 37, West Salem Neighborhood Assoc 10-12-161315 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 38, Scheppke Letter2 10-12-16844 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 39, Bergel 10-12-16969 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 40, E.M. Easterly Addendum Letter 10-12-161053 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 41, Salem-Keizer Transit 10-12-164082 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 42, Harmon 10-12-16110 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 21, Darrell Haugeberg 10-12-16435 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 22, Gary Obery 10-12-16121 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 22, Gary Obery 10-12-16123 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 24, Scheppke 10-12-16424 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 25, Grant NA 10-12-1617 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 26, Erickson 10-12-164601 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 27, Marion County Planning 10-11-162601 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 28, Loreen Wells 10-10-16768 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 29, DLCD 10-12-16117 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 30, McCabe 10-12-1688 KB10/12/2016
Written Testimony 20, 1000 Friends of Oregon 10-11-161146 KB10/11/2016
Written Testimony 16, Glenn-Gibson Watershed Council 10-7-16648 KB10/10/2016
Written Testimony 18, Montgomery 9-27-16417 KB10/10/2016
Written Testimony 19, Friends of Polk County 10-8-16205 KB10/10/2016
Written Testimony 15, E.M. Easterly 10-7-16611 KB10/7/2016
Written Testimony 17, Linda Bierly 10-7-161107 KB10/7/2016
Written Testimony 14, City of Dallas Letter 10-6-17211 KB10/6/2016
Written Testimony 10, DLCD 9-27-1658 KB10/5/2016
Written Testimony 11, Falls City Letter 10-3-16111 KB10/5/2016
Written Testimony 12, Willamette Riverkeeper 10-3-1660 KB10/5/2016
Written Testimony 13, general testimony 9-17-168 KB10/5/2016
Written Testimony 09, 8-9-1674 KB9/2/2016
Written Testimony 01, for Initiation 8-8-166 KB8/17/2016
Written Testimony 02, for Initiation 8-8-1654 KB8/17/2016
Written Testimony 03, for Initiation 8-8-16152 KB8/17/2016
Written Testimony 04, for Initiation 8-8-167 KB8/17/2016
Written Testimony 05, for Initiation 8-8-1667 KB8/17/2016
Written Testimony 06, for Initiation 8-8-16190 KB8/17/2016
Written Testimony 07, for Initiation 8-8-16129 KB8/17/2016
Written Testimony 08, for Initiation 8-8-1649 KB8/17/2016
Written Rebuttal from Easterly 10-26-16276 KB10/26/2016
Written Rebuttal from Scheppke 10-26-16313 KB10/26/2016
Written Rebuttal from Wallmark 10-26-16187 KB10/26/2016
Written Testimony 56, Brent DeHart 10-19-16165 KB10/19/2016
Written Testimony 57, Cortright 10-19-165169 KB10/19/2016
Written Testimony 58, E.M. Easterly 10-19-16340 KB10/19/2016
Written Testimony 59, SPRAB Action Sheet 10-19-16257 KB10/19/2016
Written Testimony 60, Scheppke 10-19-16551 KB10/19/2016
Written Testimony 61, Cortright additional memo 10-19-1647 KB10/19/2016
Written Testimony 62, E.M. Easterly letter to City of Salem 10-19-16305 KB10/19/2016
Written Testimony 63, Smith 10-19-16122 KB10/19/2016
Written testimony submitted through ODOT web page236 KB10/19/2016
Written Testimony 55, Culpovich 10-18-16104 KB10/18/2016
Written Testimony 48, Herb Shaw 10-17-201694 KB10/17/2016
Written Testimony 51, Michael Wolfe 10-17-16214 KB10/17/2016
Written Testimony 53, Barbara Hacke Resch 10-17-1678 KB10/17/2016
Written Testimony 54, Hines 10-17-161420 KB10/17/2016
Written Testimony 49, City of Independence 10-14-1630 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 50, melanie smith 10-14-1671 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 52, SCAN 10-14-1648 KB10/14/2016
Written Testimony 43, Tim Hay 10-13-1696 KB10/13/2016
Written Testimony 44, Smith 10-13-16169 KB10/13/2016
Written Testimony 45, Cade 10-13-1678 KB10/13/2016
Written Testimony 46, Baxter 10-13-16105 KB10/13/2016
Written Testimony 47, Ann Watters 10-13-16702 KB10/13/2016
Ad Proof and Cost Estimate144 KB11/1/2016
Appendix to Greenway Plan 10-5-16834 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 Courtesy Letter and Attachments482 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 Courtesy Ltr and Hearing Notice AFFIDAVIT OF MAILING28 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 Courtesy PW Email Hearing Notice AFFIDAVIT of MAILING131 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 DLCD Form 1 AFFIDAVIT of Emailing46 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 Hearing Notice AFFIDAVIT OF MAILING74 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 Hearing Notice to Affected Property Owners AFFIDAVIT OF MAILING79 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 List 1 Courtesy Letters Updated (16-SLCDRC-01-LBL)62 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 List 3 Hearing Notice Labels (16-SLCDRC-03-LBL)148 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 LIST NO 1 - UGB Expansion Properties Courtesy Notice Letter27 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 Mailing Matrix Joint Public Hearing Notice20 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 Map for Notice Courtesy Letter (UGB exp overview noticecopy 1) Hearing Notice116 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 Published Newspaper ad15 KB11/1/2016
CA16-04 SIGNED Resolution Initiating Code Amendment285 KB11/1/2016
City Council April 20135253 KB11/1/2016
Willamette River Crossing Capacity Study Intro 200276 KB11/1/2016
SRC Noise Tech Report Prelim Summary3353 KB10/12/2016
Project Funding Strategy Memo (Requested by Kathy Lincoln)164 KB10/11/2016
SRC Economics Final Tech Report Addendum3394 KB10/11/2016
SRC EnvJustice Final Tech Report Addendum10991 KB10/11/2016
SRC Final Sec 4f ParksRec Memo7379 KB10/11/2016
SRC Social Final Tech Report Addendum9800 KB10/11/2016
Alt Modes Study April 20103272 KB10/7/2016
Bridgehead Exec summary160 KB10/7/2016
Evaluation Framework Memo-2007176 KB10/7/2016
Lifeline Selection Summary Report 20123887 KB10/7/2016
OTAK Figures and Legal Descriptions of UGB expansion area773 KB10/7/2016
RTSPAppendix A PopForecast1437 KB10/7/2016
Salem Resolution No 2005-51 Periodic Review673 KB10/7/2016
Seismic Lifelines Evaluation Vulnerability Synthese and Identification44271 KB10/7/2016
Seismic Vulnerability OR Bridges 20093380 KB10/7/2016
SRC Energy Final Tech Report Addendum3551 KB10/7/2016
SRC HazMat Final Tech Report Addendum2940 KB10/7/2016
SRC TrafficTrans Final Tech Report Addendum11606 KB10/7/2016
SRC Utility Final Memo5404 KB10/7/2016
SRC-OT-Presentation-091820144330 KB10/7/2016
WH Pacific Earthwork Calculations for Preferred Alt in Greenway3067 KB10/7/2016
Willamette River Crossing Capacity Study Chapter8 200246 KB10/7/2016
Alt Modes Study 2015 Implementation Overview637 KB10/6/2016
Bridge Detour Plans Attachment - Center St4602 KB10/6/2016
Bridge Detour Plans Attachment - Marion Street4833 KB10/6/2016
City Bridge Detour Plan Memo645 KB10/6/2016
Don Jordan letter re Alternate Traffic Routing Bridges927 KB10/6/2016
Garlinghouse Memo 07-06-20161606 KB10/6/2016
Letter from Jim Rue-June 2014127 KB10/6/2016
SRC Air Quality Final Tech Report Addendum10464 KB10/6/2016
SRC Aquatic Final Tech Report Addendum17813 KB10/6/2016
SRC Construction Impacts Final Memo10244 KB10/6/2016
SRC Geology Final Tech Report Addendum4241 KB10/6/2016
SRC Hydraulics Final Tech Report Addendum20557 KB10/6/2016
SRC LandUse Final Tech Report Addendum44976 KB10/6/2016
SRC Public Involvement Final Summary6566 KB10/6/2016
SRC ROW Final Tech Report Addendum4310 KB10/6/2016
SRC Vegetation and Rare Plants Final Tech Report Addendum24814 KB10/6/2016
SRC Visual Final Tech Report Addendum14230 KB10/6/2016
SRC Water Resources Final Tech Report Addendum11818 KB10/6/2016
SRC Wetlands Non-Wetland Final Tech Report Addendum16481 KB10/6/2016
SRC Wildlife Final Tech Report Addendum8683 KB10/6/2016
Engineering Assessment for UGB Amendment Analysis Memo, March 20167621 KB10/5/2016
History of Bridges and Bridge Facts Handout 2012-12-171972 KB10/5/2016
Intergovernmental Agreement Regarding UGB 19911226 KB10/5/2016
Links to Documents Referenced in Footnotes and Text of Findings Report318 KB10/5/2016
Memo from ECONorthwest to Kim Sapunar and Mike Jaffe, Oct 13, 2014 - CTTP data on journey to work880 KB10/5/2016
MWACT Agenda Oct 2, 2014 - Seismic Issues2882 KB10/5/2016
Salem Historic Resources Report31281 KB10/5/2016
Salem River Crossing Project Construction Activities Impacts Memo Feb2010122 KB10/5/2016
Staff report to Salem Council on Preferred Alternative June 24, 20133516 KB10/5/2016
Wallace Rd Local Access and Circulation Study 19971301 KB10/5/2016
Walling Sand and Gravel ESEE ORD92-92367 KB10/5/2016
DLCD Notice Attachments on Proposed Amendments2574 KB9/9/2016
DLCD Notice Form 1 Notice of Proposed Amendment287 KB9/9/2016
DLCD Notice Overview of Amendments78 KB9/9/2016
8 percent reduction memo519 KB10/19/2016
Approach to transit tsm tdm-2010-07-234183 KB10/19/2016
Bridge maintenance letter240 KB10/19/2016
City of Keizer population forecast adoption 001-1240538 KB10/19/2016
ECONorthwest Economic Opportunities Analysis 2015-20355 KB10/19/2016
Email communication - energy mh-2016-10-19160 KB10/19/2016
ESA consultation process140 KB10/19/2016
Farm land adjacent to proposed ugb expansion figure24970 KB10/19/2016
List of all items in the case record for CA16-04582 KB10/19/2016
OT summary-2013-11-19162 KB10/19/2016
Pages 1-24 from packet sp wk-2016-10-101986 KB10/19/2016
Policy 1g memo from ODOT336 KB10/19/2016
Rosemont closure slides from OT mtg-2013-10-30 with text 8233 KB10/19/2016
Salem adopted residential land study 19976244 KB10/19/2016
Salem adopted residential land study 199815601 KB10/19/2016
Salem adopted residential land study 2001106 KB10/19/2016
Salem adopted residential land study 2001 -periodic review work task 1 final submission11920 KB10/19/2016
Salem adopted residential lands study 1993 -periodic review order1469 KB10/19/2016
Salem alternatives dismissed memo final 20106057 KB10/19/2016
Salem DEIS appendix I567 KB10/19/2016
Salem EOA adoption CA15-15 dlcd form 2 submittal4814 KB10/19/2016
Salem land use report DEIS final38189 KB10/19/2016
SRC schedule and status of adoption of alternate mobility standards into OHP116 KB10/19/2016
SRC UGB traffic engineering supplement-2016-10-19250 KB10/19/2016
System since 1994 SKATS854 KB10/19/2016
Transit Board coordination109 KB10/19/2016