Save Money on Ambulance Transport with Capital FireMed

Capital FireMed was started in the Salem area in 1987 to make ambulance transport more affordable. The concept is simple. Capital FireMed was started in the Salem area in 1987 to make ambulance transport more affordable. For an annual $60 membership all household members receive unlimited emergency ambulance service within the Capital FireMed service area. FireMed provides a 100% benefit of patient responsibility for ambulance transport types covered by membership benefits. The Capital FireMed program has taken the sting out of rate increases for those on fixed incomes.

Changes to the Capital FireMed Ambulance Subscription program effective January 1, 2021.

  1. Capital FireMed benefit coverage is limited to ambulance emergency 911-activated transport
  2. Capital FireMed benefit coverage to 50% of patient responsibility without an annual cap
  3. Annual membership fee will increase to $70

​Am I eligible?

If you receive fire protection from the Keizer Fire Department, Marion County Fire District #1, or the Salem Fire Department, you are eligible to join Capital FireMed.

The Capital FireMed program has expanded and simplified coverage. All permanent members of a household are covered with one membership and coverage has been made available to those in extended care facilities.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for Capital FireMed, fill out the membership application form. Mail the form, along with your first year's membership fee to the address listed on the form.

What services does Capital FireMed provide?

  • Coverage for emergency ambulance service for serious or life-threatening problems.  
  • Coverage for non-emergency ambulance service for non-life-threatening problems where the use of an ambulance is necessary.
  • Customer service after the call; Capital FireMed coverage has staff to help handle insurance claims associated with your transport.

What is not covered by Capital FireMed?

  • Wheelchair transportation for routine trips such as doctor visits.
  • Stretcher transport when the assistance of an emergency medical technician is not necessary.

Where does my money go?

Your membership payments are working to keep the ambulance service trained and equipped to provide a high standard of care, to provide valuable health care information, and to keep rates under control. Your money will be working for you even in years when your family does not need transport by ambulance.

Will my membership work outside the Salem area?

Agreements have been signed with other FireMed agencies to increase the coverage beyond the Salem area to most of Oregon. This makes the prospect of an ambulance membership more useful to our mobile population. Over 40 ambulance providers have joined in this agreement. They combine to form the largest ambulance membership base in the country.

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