Secor Park Improvements Scheduled for Construction Starting July 2020


Trees in field at Secor Park

​In August 2019, Salem City Council adopted an updated master plan for Secor Park, and starting in mid-July 2020, Secor Park will be closed to construct the first phase of park improvements identified in the updated plan. These improvements include building a bridge across Waln Creek and installing a drinking fountain, paved paths, benches, and playground equipment. Updates will also include reconstruction of the Rock Creek Drive S and Stockton Avenue S entryways to improve accessibility to the park. The park will be closed during construction beginning today, Monday, July 13 and is anticipated to be closed for four months.

Secor Park is an approximately 8.5-acre park located in south Salem next to Crossler Middle School. The previous master plan was completed in 1995 and envisioned future park development with paved  walking paths, picnic areas, a children's play area, and a multi-use sports court. Other portions of the park that include a lush wooded area, gently sloping grass meadows, and upper reach of Waln Creek were proposed to be left undeveloped.

The community provided input for the updated plan through a series of public workshops and surveys, and the updated plan shares a similar overall vision with the 1995 plan.  New additions to the 2019 master plan include a community garden, drinking fountain, paved and mulched paths and habitat enhancements that include ensuring a 50-foot streamside buffer planted with native trees and shrubs, woodland restoration, and a pollinator garden.
Secor Park is named after former south Salem resident, Ralph Secor, in recognition of his partial donation of land that helped to establish the park in 1980.  Funding for the first phase of upgrades comes from Parks System Development Charges.

The City has made a priority of developing park plans for Salem's parks. Currently, Woodmansee Park, Bush's Pasture Park and Deepwood Gardens, and Geer Park are in different phases of a planning process.  To keep up to date with the parks planning projects, subscribe to this email list.

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