Site Development Fees and Charges

​Site development fees

Public Works plan review and permit fees for most building site work and subdivision projects are collected through an area-based site development fee. The fee is calculated based on each 0.1 acre of developed area and is collected separately at the time of plan review application and permit issuance.

Plan review phase fees

During the plan review phase of the permitting process a site development plan review fee is charged to cover all Public Works expenses related to the land use application and construction plan review phases of the project.

Construction phase fees

  • Site development permit fee​—includes most Public Works expenses during construction, including but not limited to inspection, traffic control, water meter installation, wastewater taps, and other construction-related costs. In unusual situations, other individual Public Works fees may apply to a project that are not covered by the site development fee.

A detailed listing of site development fees is available in the current Public Works Fee Schedule.

Systems development charges

Development projects generate the need for additional public infrastructure to be constructed to meet demands of the new development. These costs are funded through collection of systems development charges (SDCs). Other types of development incur charges based on the proposed uses.

The City collects SDCs for Parks, Transportation, Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater. The City Council adopts the systems development charge fee structure and policies each fiscal year.

Basis for fee collection of each SDC

  • Parks is based on the number of dwelling units for residential development and based on building square footage and zoning for non-residential development
  • Transportation is based on average daily vehicle trips
  • Stormwater is based on new impervious area
  • Water/Wastewater are based on the size of new water meters

For a detailed listing of system development charges, you can review the systems development charges worksheet.

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