South Central Association of Neighbors (SCAN)


The South Central Association (SCAN) wants everyone to thrive and reach their potential. The neighborhood is inclusive to all and it consists of tree-lined streets, large parks, historic homes, and thriving businesses. Your vision can make a difference. Together, we are a community.

SCAN is located just south of the downtown area with the Willamette River as its east boundary. Many homes in the neighborhood, including Victorian and French country style residences, are listed on the National Historic Register. SCAN is home to Deepwood Estate and one of Salem’s largest parks, Bush’s Pasture Park.

​Your City Councilors

Sally Cook[email protected]Ward 7
Tom Andersen[email protected]Ward 2

About your neighborhood

Police district: 8

Parks: Bush’s Pasture Park, Deepwood Estate, Fairmount Park

Schools: Howard Street Charter School, McKinley Elementary School, South Salem High School


Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. at South Salem High School, 1910 Church ST SE, Salem OR 97302. See the calendar for specific dates. 

Feb. 18
President’s DayCivic Center
555 Liberty ST SE
Salem OR 97301
Center 50+ closed for holidayCenter 50+
2615 Portland RD NE
Salem OR 97301
Mar. 13
South Central Association of Neighbors (SCAN)6:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.South Salem High School
1910 Church ST SE
Salem OR 97302
Mar. 30
Plant Trees in Salem!9:00 a.m.1:00 p.m.Minto-Brown Island Park
2200 Minto Island RD S
Salem OR 97302
Apr. 06
Plant Trees in Salem!9:00 a.m.1:00 p.m.Bill Riegel Park

​Agendas and Minutes

south-central-association-of-neighbors-agenda-2019-02-13.pdf2/13/2019167 KB
south-central-association-of-neighbors-agenda-2019-01-09.pdf1/9/2019189 KB
south-central-association-of-neighbors-agenda-2018-12-12.pdf12/12/2018188 KB
south-central-associaton-of-neighbors-agenda-2018-11-14.pdf11/14/2018171 KB
south-central-neighborhood-association-neighborhood-association-minutes-2018-11-14.pdf11/14/2018286 KB
south-central-associaton-of-neighbors-agenda-2018-10-10.pdf10/10/2018196 KB
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CA19-01 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice2/26/2019695 KB
HIS18-29 Appeal Hearing NoticeHearing Notice11/15/20181364 KB
CU-ADJ18-07 CC Call Up Hearing NoticeHearing Notice10/8/20181427 KB
Salem City Council CA-18-03 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice8/13/2018599 KB
CU-ADJ18-07 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice7/25/20181398 KB
Salem City Council CA-18-02 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice7/16/2018685 KB
HIS18-15 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice6/21/20183181 KB
CA18-02 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice4/3/2018719 KB
CA17-06 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice12/11/2017272 KB
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If you want to speak at a neighborhood association meeting, contact the chair.

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