Southwest Association of Neighbors (SWAN)


The Southwest Association of Neighborhoods (SWAN) borders Minto-Brown Island Park and the Willamette River. SWAN members engage residence in issues related to land use, parks, schools, and other concerns specific to the area. The area boasts great walking and community events. It is home to Illahe Hills Country Club and the historic Pioneer Cemetery.

If you live, work, own property, or own a business in the SWAN neighborhood, you are a member. SWAN welcomes you to its many shopping centers and eateries settled amongst hills and evergreens. To find out more about how you can become involved attend an upcoming meeting.

​Your City Councilors

Sally Cook[email protected]Ward 7

About your neighborhood

Police district: 8

Parks: Fircrest Park, Minto-Brown Island Park, Nelson Park

Schools: Candalaria Elementary SchoolSalem Heights Elementary School


Meetings are held the first Tuesday of odd months, at 6:30 p.m. at Salem Heights Elementary School Cafeteria, 3495 Liberty RD S, Salem OR 97302. See the calendar for specific dates and locations. 

Mar. 30
Plant Trees in Salem!9:00 a.m.1:00 p.m.Minto-Brown Island Park
2200 Minto Island RD S
Salem OR 97302
May 07
Southwest Association of Neighbors (SWAN)6:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Salem Heights Elementary School
3495 Liberty Rd S
Salem OR 97302
May 27
Memorial Day Observance
Jul. 02
Southwest Association of Neighbors (SWAN)6:30 p.m.8:30 p.m.Salem Heights Elementary School
3495 Liberty Rd S
Salem OR 97302
Jul. 04
Independence Day Office Closure

​Agendas and Minutes

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southwest-association-of-neighbors-2018-11-13.pdf11/13/2018346 KB
southwest-association-of-neighbors-agenda-2018-09-11.pdf9/11/2018499 KB
southwest-association-of-neighbors-2018-09-11.pdf9/11/201828 KB
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VUL19-01 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice3/27/20194694 KB
CA19-01 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice2/26/2019695 KB
VUL18-03 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice1/9/2019843 KB
Southwest Association of Neighbors BylawsDocument8/17/2018204 KB
Salem City Council CA-18-03 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice8/13/2018599 KB
Salem City Council CA-18-02 Hearing NoticeHearing Notice7/16/2018685 KB
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If you want to speak at a neighborhood association meeting, contact the chair.

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Becky Miner, chair
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