SPEU (Police) Employee Benefits


​The City of Salem offers their career Salem Police Employees’ Union employees a generous benefits package. Learn more about specific benefits from the links below. Salary information can be found in the Salem Police Employees’ Union pay plan.

2020 COBRA, Retiree Health Insurance Premium Rates81 KB2020-cobra-retiree-health-insurance-premium-rates.pdf
2020 EBMS Plan Document Amendments577 KBebms-plan-document-amendments.pdf
2020 HDHP Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC)543 KB2020-hdhp-sbc.PDF
2020 Kaiser Permanente Summary of Benefits (SBC)500 KB2020-kaiser-sbc.pdf
2020 PPO Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC)573 KB2020-ppo-sbc-all-other-groups.PDF
2020 SPEU CSO Part-time Health Plan Options and Employee Rates169 KB2020-speu-cso-part-time-health-plan-options-and-rates.pdf
2020 SPEU Health Plan Options and Employee Rates168 KB2020-speu-health-plan-options-and-rates.pdf
2021 COBRA, Retiree Health Insurance Premium Rates82 KBcobra-retiree-health-insurance-premium-rates.pdf
2021 HDHP Summary of Benefits (SBC)290 KBhdhp-sbc.pdf
2021 Health Insurance Premiums with Total Premium Rates195 KBhealth-insurance-premiums-all-employee-groups.pdf
2021 Kaiser Permanente Summary of Benefits (SBC)492 KBkaiser-sbc.pdf
2021 PPO Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC)297 KBppo-sbc.pdf
2021 SPEU CSO Part-time Health Plan Options and Employee Rates205 KBspeu-part-time-health-plan-options-and-rates.pdf
2021 SPEU Health Plan Options and Employee Rates203 KBspeu-health-plan-options-and-rates.pdf
Domestic Partner Policy108 KBdomestic-partner-policy.pdf
HDHP and HSA FAQ Flyer279 KBhow-the-hdhp-and-hsa-work-flyer.pdf
HDHP Plan Document1512 KBhdhp-plan-document.pdf
Health Hub Health Clinic Flyer3346 KBhealth-hub-health-clinic-flyer.pdf
Health Insurance Premiums with Employer Rates142 KB2020-health-insurance-premiums-with-employer-rates.pdf
Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution Summary94 KBhealth-savings-account-hsa-contribution-summary.pdf
HRAVEBA Contribution Summary90 KBhra-veba-contribution-summary.pdf
HRAVEBA Plan Brochure3263 KBhra-veba-plan-brochure.pdf
HRAVEBA Plan Document367 KBhraveba-plan-document.pdf
HRAVEBA Plan Summary 307 KBhra-veba-plan-summary.pdf
HRAVEBA Summary of Benefits (SBC)562 KBhraveba-sbc.pdf
Kaiser Gender Pathways Clinic flyer105 KBkaiser-gender-pathways-clinic-flyer.pdf
Kaiser Permanente Mental Health and Wellness services flyer94 KBkaiser-mental-health-wellness-flyer.pdf
Kaiser Permanente Online Access flyer127 KBkaiser-online-access-flyer.pdf
Kaiser Permanente Plan Summary58 KBkaiser-summary.pdf
Kaiser Permanente Quick Access and Telehealth flyer144 KBkaiser-quick-access-telehealth-flyer.pdf
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2021 Moda Delta Dental plan changes117 KB2021-moda-dental-plan-changes.pdf2021-moda-dental-plan-changes.pdf
Checked Out To: Carrie Wagner
Moda Delta Dental Incentive Dental Plan Document2321 KBdental-plan-document-incentive.pdf
Moda Delta Dental Incentive Plan Summary 2125 KBdental-moda-incentive-plan-summary.pdf
Moda Delta Dental Traditional (Constant) Dental Plan Document2259 KBdental-plan-document-traditional.pdf
Moda Delta Dental Traditional (Constant) Plan Summary1499 KBdental-moda-traditional-plan-summary.pdf
Vision Plan - SPEU Only302 KBvision-plans-speu-only.pdf

Cascade Centers - EAP (800) 433-2320

Advantage Home Plus Home Ownership Program12327 KBeap-flyer-home-ownership-program.pdf
Advantage Home Plus Home Ownership Program Services Flyer1092 KBeap-home-ownership-program.pdf
Cascade EAP GlobalFit Gym Discount flyer1102 KBeap-globalfit-gym-discounts-flyer.pdf
Cascade EAP Summary of Services Flyer155 KBeap-summary-of-services.pdf
Cascade EAP Work Family Life Flyer434 KBeap-work-family-life-flyer.pdf
Hubbub Wellness1333 KBeap-flyer-hubbub-wellness.pdf
ID Theft Services521 KBeap-flyer-id-theft-services.pdf
Life Coaching830 KBeap-flyer-life-coaching.pdf
Lifepilot417 KBeap-flyer-lifepilot.pdf
Military Assistance1777 KBeap-flyer-military-assistance.pdf
Online Resources1268 KBeap-resources-online.pdf
Resource Retrieval252 KBeap-flyer-eap-resource-retrieval.pdf
Wills143 KBeap-flyer-wills.pdf
EBMS Flexible Spending Accounts Frequently Asked Questions Flyer83 KBflexible-spending-accounts-frequently-asked-questions-flyer.pdf
Flexible Spending Accounts Plan Description160 KBflexible-spending-accounts-plan-description.pdf
Flexible Spending Accounts Plan Document260 KBflexible-spending-accounts-plan-document.pdf
Life - ADD SPEU Policy126 KBlifeadd-policy-speu.pdf
LTD - SPEU Policy126 KBltd-policy-speu.pdf
Hartford Additional AD&D Policy70 KBadditional-add-policy.pdf
Hartford Additional AD&D Summary36 KBadditional-add-summary.pdf
Long Term Care - Coverage Outline91 KBlong-term-care-coverage-outline.pdf
Long Term Care - Plan Highlights122 KBlong-term-care-plan-highlights.pdf
Long Term Care - Plan Option Rates30 KBlong-term-care-plan-options-rates.pdf
Long Term Care Enrollment Flyer285 KBlong-term-care-enrollment-flyer.pdf
Standard Additional Life Policy164 KBadditional-life-policy.pdf
Standard Additional Life Summary201 KBadditional-life-summary.pdf
PERS OPSRP New Member Brochure167 KBpers-new-member-brochure.pdf
PERS Benefit Comparisons802 KBpers-benefit-comparison.pdf
457 Voya Roth Option10131 KB457-roth-option.pdf
457 Voya Retirement Choice II Booklet510 KB457-retirement-choice-ii-booklet.pdf
457 Voya Overview1238 KB457-overview.pdf
457 Voya Online Account Access Instructions2190 KB457-online-account-access-instructions.pdf
457 Voya Core Investment Options191 KB457-core-investment-options.pdf
457 Voya Brokerage Window Option866 KB457-brokerage-window-option.pdf
457 Voya Beneficiary Maintenance Flyer402 KB457-online-beneficiary-maintenance-flyer.pdf
457 Voya and Roth Savings Compare215 KB457-roth-savings-compare.pdf
Amplifon Hearing Benefit Program Flyer (Unrepresented EBMS enrolled only)1223 KBhearing-health-benefit-program-flyer.pdf
Amplifon Hearing Discount Program Flyer873 KBhearing-health-discount-program-flyer.pdf
City of Salem Employee Benefits Contacts List127 KBcity-of-salem-employee-benefits-contacts-list.pdf
Commute Expense Reimbursement Account CERA Policy107 KBcommute-expense-reimbursement-account-cera-policy.pdf
Employee Parking Permits Flyer184 KBemployee-parking-permits-flyer.pdf
Nationwide Pet Insurance FAQ Flyer85 KBnationwide-pet-insurance-faq-flyer.pdf
Nationwide Pet Insurance Flyer951 KBnationwide-pet-insurance-flyer.pdf
Travel Assistance Flyer96 KBtravel-assistance.pdf
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Cobra General Notice
Health plan coverage continuation rights under COBRA.
118 KB
Health Plan Annual Required Notices
Health plans are required to provide certain notices to eligible health plan members.
406 KB
HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices
Notice of the City of Salem's privacy practices related to protected health information.
172 KB
Marketplace Coverage Options Notice
Required notice of Marketplace coverage options.
170 KB

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