City Council Revises Building Heights on State Street

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​The City Council voted Monday to revise the building heights allowed in the mixed-use zones proposed as part of the State Street Corridor Plan project. Specifically, the Council amended its July 16 approval of the project as follows:
  • In the Mixed Use-I and Mixed Use-II zones, reduce the maximum building height next to National Register Residential Historic Districts to 45 feet.
  • In the Mixed Use-I zone, increase the maximum building height from 55 feet to 65 feet except next to National Register Residential Historic Districts.

On July 16, the Council unanimously voted to adopt the staff recommendation for a new hybrid street design for State Street and the two new mixed-use zones with a few revisions. The following revisions were not affected by the Council's vote on Monday: 

  • Reduce the parking requirement for retail uses.
  • Look into purchasing a park near 21st Street.

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