Stormwater Pretreatment Program


​These stormwater pretreatment practices apply to industrial or commercial properties within the Salem storm sewer services system, but not to single- or multi-family residential properties that have less than four units.

Eliminate the source

Cover the area and re-direct the drains to the sanitary sewer (fueling facilities, generators, trash areas), or use a diversion system to direct polluted waters to the sanitary system and clean waters to the storm system.

Manage and control the area or source

Area “management plans” (sweeping contracts) are allowed as a mechanism to control pollutants (trash and metals), provided that:

  1. The plan is documented.
  2. The site is routinely inspected for compliance.
  3. The owner agrees to retrofit the system if it is found to not be performing as expected.

Treat the pollutant

The “type of treatment” used must be based on the identified or expected pollutant sources on the site and the discharge location. Discharges to the City of Salem storm system may be allowed a lower degree of control, if the City treats for re-introduced pollutants (street run-off) downstream. Separator and coalescing-separator-type treatment systems must be sized to provide a 15-minute settling/separation time, unless engineering calculations are provided showing a quicker settling/separation rate for the expected pollutant.

Retrofits and upgrades

Facilities are required to retrofit or upgrade if they are found to be a significant source of pollutants, or when significant remodels or upgrades occur at the building or property.

Maintenance plans

Property owners are required to have maintenance plans for treatment systems having manufacturer-identified maintenance programs, needs, or schedules. If no manufacturer maintenance program has been identified, facilites are expected to provide system maintenance to insure property operational effectiveness and to prevent pass-through of pollutants.

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