Strategic Plan Work Groups

​As a result of Salem’s strategic planning process, seven areas of interest to the community were identified. Work groups, comprised of a small group of City Councilors, were created to discuss and recommend ideas for actions the City may take on these key topics.

​Affordable housing, social services, homelessness work group

Mayor Bennett, Councilors McCoid, Andersen, Cook
Lead staff: Andy Wilch, Housing Administrator


  • Housing security for Salem residents
  • Accessible health and social services for Salem residents


Housing Continuum207 KB
July 18, 2017 Powerpoint Presentation307 KB
July 25, 2017 Powerpoint Presentation312 KB
Steps to Forming a Local Continuum of Care292 KB

​Meeting materials

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​Economic development and downtown work group

Mayor Bennett and Councilors Nanke, Hoy, Kaser
Lead staff: Kristin Retherford, Urban Development Department Director


  • A greater survival rate for small businesses, growth of existing businesses, and attraction of new businesses
  • A vibrant downtown with low commercial vacancy and quality housing

Meeting materials

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​Vision for growth and development work group

Councilors McCoid, Cook, Lewis, Nanke
Lead staff: Lisa Anderson-Ogilvie, Planning Administrator


  • A comprehensive, long-term vision for growth and development in Salem

Meeting materials

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​Critical infrastructure work group

Councilors Ausec, Lewis, Nanke, Kaser
Lead staff: Peter Fernandez, Public Works Department Director


  • A robust and maintained infrastructure system

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Sustainable service delivery work group

Councilors McCoid, Andersen, Ausec, Cook
Lead staff: Kacey Duncan, Deputy City Manager


  • Alignment between City services and available resources

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​Public transportation work group

Mayor Bennett and Councilors Kaser, Lewis, Hoy
Lead staff: Julie Warncke, Transportation Planning Manager


  • A public transportation system that meets community needs

Meeting materials

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​Environmental action work group

Councilors Andersen, Kaser, Nanke, McCoid
Lead staff: Kristin Retherford, Urban Development Department Director

Draft goal

  • Prepare a community-wide environmental strategy that prioritizes reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.


Salem Energy Strategy (2010)15051 KB

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