Stream Cleaning Program

​In 1996, extensive flooding caused damage across the City of Salem and the Willamette Valley. In 1998, the City added an annual Stream Cleaning Program into its existing stormwater management strategies to reduce the risk of flooding during high flows. The Program utilizes a crew of students with a focus in environmental sciences to identify and remove trash, debris, and restrictions to stream conveyance. The crew also conducts an annual stream restoration project to replace invasive vegetation with native plants.

2021 Stream Cleaning results

  • Miles of creeks cleaned: 61.51
  • Pounds of trash removed: 11,774
  • Number of debris jams removed: 232
  • Amount of green debris removed: 122 cubic yards

Read more about the Stream Crew's work in the ESRI Blog.

To see a more in depth view of what the 2020 Stream Crew accomplished and learn more about the program, check out the Story Maps that the four Stream Technicians put together.

If you would like to review reports from past years, please email [email protected].

2017 Stream Cleaning Annual Report13004 KB
2013 Stream Cleaning Annual Report6406 KB
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2006 Stream Cleaning Annual Report9486 KB
Man collecting stream water samples at a bridge.

Stream Crew collecting information about debris jam.

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