Your students can study Salem’s streams to get hands-on experiences that support next generation science standards and science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.

Through the City’s Adopt-a-Stream program, students can do the following:

  • Test water quality
  • Perform plant identification surveys
  • Sample stream life

City staff will work with you to tailor the stream studies for your class. The necessary tools and materials will be provided.

Through the studies, your students will learn about stream habitats and how they support life. Students will also learn how to measure factors used to determine stream health and conditions. They will begin to develop an understanding of the local stream environment, what affects that environment, and ways they can help protect local streams.

If there are no streams near your school, City staff can collect stream water and bring it to the classroom for your students to test.

The stream studies program is available to teachers of grades 4 to 12.

Sign up

You can learn more or sign up for stream studies by sending an email with your contact information and requirements.

Create an additional project

In addition to performing stream studies, you can work with City staff to create a community-based project for your students that builds on their experience. Past projects include:

  • Designing and implement riparian restoration projects
  • Establishing an environmental lecture series for students in the Salem-Keizer School District
  • Creating outreach material to share information with schools and families

Email City staff if you want to create a stream-related project.

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