Request Trespass Enforcement for Commercial or Vacant Properties


The Salem Police Department's Trespass Letter of Consent program allows police officers to enter upon private property to remove individuals or request they leave the property when the property owner or their representative is not immediately available.

If an officer observes someone on private property when the business is closed or a problem has been reported by someone who does not have the authority to sign a trespass complaint, the police department must first contact the person who is legally responsible for the property before taking any enforcement action.

Having a Trespass Letter of Consent on file gives Salem police officers the authority to act on behalf of the property owner or manager in trespass situations due to their absence.​​​

Trespass Letter of Consent program requirements

Your commercial or residential property may qualify for a Trespass Letter of Consent if you are:

  • ​The owner and occupant of a commercial property
  • The non-occupant owner of a commercial property
  • The commercial property manager or person responsible for the property
  • The person responsible for a property under construction and the property has a street address assigned
  • ​The owner of a vacant property

Multi-family housing properties do not qualify for this program.

​If you are still unsure about whether or not you qualify, contact our Public Relations Unit for assistance.

Application process

  1. Complete the Trespass Letter of Consent Application form​ electronically, or print the form and complete it by hand.

  2. Ensure you complete the section relevant to your property; select commercial or residential.

  3. Sign the application in black or blue ink. Alternatively, if you are completing the application electronically, you may sign the application using a digital signature.

  4. Submit the original application in person or mail it to us at:

    Salem Police Department
    Attn: Volunteer Services Section
    333 Division ST NE
    Salem OR 97301​​​​​​​

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