Submit an Environmental Survey to Show Compliance with Waste Pretreatment Standards

Whether you need a permit or not, you may be required to complete and submit an environmental survey form. Businesses are typically asked to return one of these surveys during the building plan review process or during a pretreatment inspection by Environmental Services.

Businesses in certain types of industries must provide this information to show compliance with waste pretreatment regulations and standards.

  • Dental offices
  • Dry cleaners
  • Restaurants
  • Photo processing labs
  • Print shops
  • Carpet cleaners

Additional forms

Print Shop Letter

This letter will be sent to the affected print shop when the need is verified through the plans review process or pretreatment inspection.

Carpet Cleaners

This form must be completed and submitted to Environmental Services before your company is allowed to discharge carpet cleaning wastewater at the City of Salem septic hauler discharge site.

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