Submit Trash Area Management Plan

​The City of Salem is required by state and federal law to prevent, to the maximum extent practicable, pollutants from being discharged into the stormwater system. 

Sources of such pollutants can include:

  • Waste material left on the ground
  • Leaking garbage containers
  • Leachate caused by rainwater flowing though a container or accumulated trash.

Trash Area Management Program

A Trash Area Management Plan (TAMP) is used by business or property owners as an alternative to constructing a covered trash area. Failure to comply with, or failure to prevent pollutants can lead to the revocation of the TAMP and the owner may be required to construct a cover for the trash area.

A TAMP is an agreement between a current business or propety owner and the City of Salem.  If a change in ownership occurs, the new owner is required to either submit a new TAMP or construct a cover for the trash area. 

Submit a TAMP

 A draft Trash Area Management Plan (TAMP) shall be submitted for review and approval to the Public Works Department along with the application for a buildng permit. A TAMP may be revised or updated by the business or property owner subject to the approval of the Director of Public Works.


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