Temporary Standards Adopted for Patios and Patio Coverings

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​If you want to set up a temporary patio or cover for a patio, you need to get a permit. In order to meet the need for outdoor restaurant seating, consistent with Oregon Health Authority (OHA) COVID-19 guidance, temporary structure permits may be approved under a new set of design standards listed below.

These standards will be applied for as long as the City's Declaration of Emergency is in effect.  When it expires, structures permitted under temporary standards must be removed or modified to meet City standards within two weeks. 

Standards for Temporary Structures
During the City's Emergency Declaration

    1. Temporary structures may encroach on existing setbacks, occupy existing parking lots, and exceed lot coverage or allowable square footage limits defined by the zone as long as the structure does not:  

      • obstruct pre-existing paths and sidewalks; all paths and sidewalks will maintain the minimum requirements for safe egress.

      • diminish the pre-existing space dedicated to vehicular driveways.

      • damage or cause the removal of existing, pre-approved landscaping.    

      • diminish the pre-existing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking spaces and access points.                 

    1. Temporary structures will be reviewed and approved through the City's pre-existing Tent Permit process. Applications can be accessed at the following webpage: https://www.cityofsalem.net/Pages/apply-for-a-temporary-tent-or-canopy.aspx

    2. The processing fee of $12.50 will be waived when improvements are clearly designed for the sole purpose of providing temporary solutions that satisfy OHA COVID-19 guidelines.

    3. Temporary structures will remain subject to all building safety codes, fire and life safety codes, and unified development codes not specifically addressed in these temporary allowances. In addition, all pre-existing noise, lighting, and signage standards will remain active requirements of any site.

    4. Permits may be granted for up to six months and can be renewed at the applicant's request, subject to a successful inspection, at any point from the time of approval to the time of the emergency declaration's expiration.

    5. Permits may be revoked at any point that the temporary structure is deemed unsafe or non-compliant with any of the standards that apply. 


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