Test Your Water for Lead

​The City of Salem is not aware of any lead service lines in the City’s water distribution system. The City completed testing in 2016. Of the 89 samples collected, two exceeded the lead action level, and none exceeded the copper action level.

Free lead testing

The City of Salem offers free lead testing to its water customers. If you are concerned about the levels of lead in your home and would like to request a free test, please call the Water Quality Hotline.

Ongoing monitoring

As mandated by the Lead and Copper Rule, Oregon Health Authority requires the City of Salem to collect and analyze water samples from Tier 1 homes. Tier 1 homes are those built between 1983 and 1985 because of lead or lead-based plumbing components used during construction.

In 2013, samples were collected from 91 of the 147 Tier 1 homes identified, and only one home exceeded the action level for lead. Therefore, the City of Salem continues to be on a reduced monitoring plan, which requires collection and analyses of a minimum of 50 samples from Tier 1 homes every three years.

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