Minto-Brown Island Park Opens; Free City Storm Debris Drop Sites Open Through March 7

All Salem debris sites open:  The following sites will be open on this weekend (Feb. 27-28) from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.:

• Woodmansee Park, 4629 Sunnyside Rd SE
• Wallace Marine Park, 200 Glen Creek Rd NW
• Geer Park, 241 Geer Dr. NE
• McKay Park, 2755 Hollywood Dr. NE

Drop sites will remain open at Woodmansee, Wallace Marine and Geer parks through March 1-March 7, with the same hours. The need for additional days will be reviewed at that time.

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Minto-Brown Island Park Has re-opened.

Due to the amount of woody debris still down in the park, some trails remain closed.  These areas have been posted.  For safety, please do not venture into closed areas. 

Debris drop sites open until March 7 

Geer, Woodmansee and Wallace Marine Park storm debris drop-off sites will remain open through March 7 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  All four park drop sites will be open this weekend (February 27-28), including:

Beginning Monday, March 1, through 6:00 p.m. Sunday March 7, the following sites will be open:

  • Geer Park
  • Woodmansee Park
  • Wallace Marine Park

The McKay Park drop site will be closed as of Monday, March 1, as a result of fewer drop-offs and site challenges.

City staff will continue to evaluate the need for collection of community debris and will determine if the sites need to remain open beyond Sunday, March 7. After Sunday, March 7, residents will still be able to take debris to the Deer Park Road Transfer Station, 3250 Deer Park Dr SE, or put debris in weekly yard carts.

As of Thursday, February 26, the City sites had collected almost 11,000 loads, or roughly 16,400 cubic yards of debris.


Help Available

More volunteer groups step up to help residents deliver debris to Salem collection sites at Woodmansee, Wallace Marine, Geer, and McKay parks.  Email [email protected] to get connected or check out for all disaster relief programs and offerings.  Marion County Call Center Help Line, at 503-588-5108, can also provide help with concerns related to the ice storm.

Clean-Up & Recovery

With one week of clean-up and recovery behind them, City crews are reporting visible progress to arterial streets and high traffic areas. Tree cleanup crews are now working to clear neighborhoods and heavily forested areas around our community. All four community collection sites remain fully staffed and open for debris drop-off between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. More than 10,000 loads of debris have been collected. 

Parks Remain Closed

Crews are making progress gathering downed limbs, removing dangling branches, and clearing pathways in Salem parks.  City staff are extremely encouraged by the progress made so far at Minto- Brown Island Park and hope to re-open the grounds by the end of this week.  



As our community continues to work toward recovery from the devastating February 12 ice storm, permitting requirements to prune or remove City trees have been suspended under certain circumstances.

A permit is not required to:

  • Remove a City tree that has fallen onto the owner's property

  • Remove or prune a City tree, if the City's Urban Forester determines that the tree is structurally unsound and poses an imminent threat to people or property and gives written approval.  Email your request to [email protected].

These emergency rules will remain in effect until March 15, 2021.

For safety's sake, please use personal protective equipment and follow recommended safety practices when removing or pruning trees. Also, please keep sidewalks, bicycle lanes and vehicle travel lanes clear.


Today City Manager Steve Powers authorized City of Salem work crews to help Portland General Electric (PGE) with tree removal and vegetation management as PGE line workers continue to repair and restore power to areas of our community that remain without.  This new authorization allows us to work with PGE on trees other than those on property owned by the City.

 As of this morning, February 20, PGE reported remaining outages are affecting 9,622 customers in Salem. Late this morning, PGE informed the City Manager that complete power restoration in Salem will require five to nine additional days. 

We understand this is a severe hardship for many in our community. Listed below are resources available to help in difficult times like these.  Salem Fire and Salem Police are able, as demands allow, to provide welfare checks. 

Marion County Call Center Help Line: 503-588-5108 

City of Salem Public Works[email protected], 503-588-6311 


4:00 p.m. - Efforts to clean-up after the ice storm continue in full gear. We are now on our third day of operating four debris collection sites. Already, 2,577 truck and trailer loads of woody debris have been collected at these sites. Thank you to our responsive community for continuing to deliver limbs and woody debris.

As a reminder,  if street clearing crews have already been through your neighborhood, please do not pile brush at the curb. Please take limbs and debris from your trees to one of the Community Collection Sites or prepare the branches for your haulers and place them in your yard waste bins. Please no metals, garbage, lumber, or pressure-treated wood.

Community Collection sites will remain open over the weekend from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for free drop-off. Volunteers and City crews assisting with community drop-off have reported shorter wait times at Geer Park.

City Crews will continue to work throughout the weekend clearing tree debris and using pole saws to remove hanging or dangling branches.  Damaged branches higher up in trees will require follow-up work afterward. Please continue to travel through the City with caution and continue to support each other as we all work to clean up from this historic storm.

The City will send another storm recovery update on Monday. Please reach out to the  Marion County  Call Center Help Line at 503-588-5108 for additional assistance with concerns related to the ice storm. Residents should continue to report new tree damage to Public Works Dispatch 503-588-6311 or email [email protected]. The Public Works dispatch line operates 24 hours a day.


9:00 a.m -- Four free Salem storm debris drop-sites remain open around the City.  The shortest lines continue to be at Geer and Wallace Marine Park.  Woodmansee Park is seeing the highest demand and longest lines.  Please remember all four sites are for woody-debris only and cannot accept lumber, garbage, or general yard debris. 

For safety, City crews continue to clear high traffic roads and potential hazards first. Areas previously cleaned may not be re-cleaned until all priority areas have been addressed.  All drop-sites remain staffed and free of charge.

Work continued this morning on restoring traffic lights and at around noon today, all lights were restored to operation.


City Adds Crews to Help with Storm Recovery 

We understand that this is a difficult time for many of our residents, some of whom still struggle with electricity, internet, and water outages, downed power lines, and street access. The City has added crews to help address street clean-up. Even so, recovery efforts will continue for some time to come. We thank the many residents who have pitched in to clear yards and provide other help to struggling neighbors. We ask for your patience as we continue to work toward restoring our community.

City crews continue to work on clearing streets using 11 crews from two contractors to augment the City workforce.  Damage to our City parks is extensive. please continue to avoid downed trees in our parks, Minto Brown Island Park remains closed because of danger from downed trees. The rest of our park system is scattered with woody debris, making pathways unusable and playground equipment hard to reach.

Electric companies continue making progress on restoring power to our traffic lights. All but eight  are working as of this morning. Please use caution while driving and moving about on City streets as many side roads still have limbs and tree piles. Heavy equipment such as woodchippers and boom trucks are also working along roadways. 

City Crews are actively street sweeping to remove the sanding rock that was applied during the ice storm. Cleaning the rock is an important part of the clean-up efforts to keep storm drains accessible, especially with significant rainfall in the forecast. 

Four tree and woody debris disposal sites are available seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. A significant amount of wood and branches are being hauled off these locations. Woodmansee Park, for example, hauled away 505 vehicle/trailer loads of debris yesterday.

Salem Residents self-serve- woody debris drop-off locations open daily, 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Marion County has activated a Call Center Help Line at 503-588-5108 for those who need additional assistance with concerns related to the ice storm. Residents may also contact the Cascade Region Red Cross to learn about services offered including, temporary shelter and food.

Marion County has opened the following free locations for residential woody debris (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.):

  • Salem-Keizer Recycling and Transfer Station, 3250 Deer Park Dr. SE (Residential)
  • Brown's Island Demolition Landfill, 2895 Faragate St. S (Contractors)



How You Can Help

The best way to volunteer for storm recovery right now is to help in your own neighborhood, said Tibby Larson, City of Salem Volunteer Coordinator. If you can help your neighbors gather branches and other woody debris and pile them at the curb, that can not only help your neighbors in need, but it can also help City crews be more efficient in their work.

The City is not currently accepting volunteers to help in right-of-way or park clearing due to the danger involved.  

City CERT volunteers will be helping at storm debris drop-off sites starting February 17. There is also a possibility that other volunteers may be needed at those sites as time goes on. Volunteers need to be 16 or older, in good enough health to walk and drag/carry limbs to assist people in unloading their limbs. Contact Tibby Larson at [email protected] or 503-589-2197 to volunteer or learn more.

Debris drop-off update

As of mid-day today, the first day of the pick-ups, the Woodmansee drop site had collected debris equivalent to 18 full dumptrucks from just one of the sites. As you might imagine, you should be prepared for a wait time at the four free City drop sites.

Other alternatives include:

  • Marion County has opened both the Salem-Keizer Recycling and Transfer Station (SKRTS) and North Marion Transfer Station (NMTS) for residential property owners to dump their woody debris for free. 
  • Brown's Island landfillis open for contractors to dump their woody debris for free. That The county transfer stations are not set up to handle contractor loads, so we're sending them all to Brown's Island.
  • Call local haulers for options to pick up excess yard debris, including drop boxes or additional yard-debris carts at normal service rates.

Helping Resources

Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 4227 Loan Oak Rd. SE, will be open Thursday and Friday only, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. so people can get warm and charge their cell phones.
More information on local resources is available below. 

Learn more about available warming centers.

Center 50+ can help older residents through their WOW Van at 503-588-6349. Help may include:

  • bringing debris curbside (Volunteers are unable to use saws, but can help with stacking or loading trucks once debris is broken down.)
  • food
  • a friendly call or in-person check

Marion County has activated a Call Center Help Line at 503-588-5108.

Firewood for residents still without power is available at the Marion County Juvenile Department for a reduced price. Firewood is available while supplies last.

Learn more about this and other available Marion County information and help. 

Danger at Minto Island Park

Please avoid Minto Island Park. The park remains closed due to dangerous tree damage.

City work crews' first priorities are restoring safe and passable neighborhoods, so work on parks and other needs won't occur until later.

Dropoff site for residents only

The City has opened free locations for local residents to drop off woody debris at four Salem parks:

  • Woodmansee, 4629 Sunnyside Rd SE
  • Wallace, 200 Glen Creek Rd NW
  • Geer, 241 Geer Dr NE
  • McKay, 2755 Hollywood Dr NE

These site sare only for residents. Contractors will not be allowed to use the sites.

The drop-off sites will be operated by City staff, which allows people to offload broken tree limbs and wood by hand from their own vehicle, truck bed, or trailer. Other material unrelated to the ice storm will not be accepted.

Residents are encouraged to reach out to their neighbors and haulers for additional assistance with debris removal. Piled limbs and branches should not block sidewalks or bike lanes.



City of Salem continues to clear roadways and sidewalks

Focusing on safety first, the City of Salem continues to clear roadways and sidewalks from the aftermath of the historic President's weekend ice storm. The city announces drop-off locations for Salem residents to deliver broken tree limbs and woody debris.  

Free of charge, the City is opening tree and woody debris drop-off locations at Woodmansee, Wallace, Geer, and McKay Parks.

Starting tomorrow, Salem residents can deliver woody debris seven days a week, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The drop-off sites will be operated by City staff which allows people to offload broken tree limbs and wood by hand from their own vehicle, truck bed, or trailer. Other compostable material unrelated to the ice storm will not be accepted.

Residents are encouraged to reach out to their neighbors and haulers for additional assistance with debris removal. Piled limbs and branches should not block sidewalks or bike lanes.  

In the coming weeks, the City expects to complete a 120-mile safety sweep of major and minor roadways and tend to the reported 653 downed city trees sites. Once high traffic roadways have been cleaned, the City will assess the need for additional cleanup support.

City Storm Details

  • From Thursday evening 2/12 through Monday 2/15 4:00 a.m. Public Works Dispatch has handled 929 telephone calls and 263 emails for a total of 1192 calls for service
  • A total of 653 downed tree/limb locations have been logged and 476 have been addressed with at least a temporary "cut and push aside" response.
  • Currently, 28 traffic signals are not working due to loss of electricity

Read More:

Emergency Declaration Issued in Salem for Winter Storm Conditions

Warming Centers

Today, Marion County opened warming centers for residents without power. Learn more about how to access and use these locations.

Meeting cancellations

Salem City Council'swork session tonight on airport planning has been postponed, while the City continues to focus on community recovery in the aftermath of this weekend's ice storm. The work session will be rescheduled for a later date.

The meeting has been rescheduled for April 19, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Salem Climate Action Plan Task Force Workshop #3, originally scheduled for Feb. 17, has also been postponed due to weather recovery issues. It has been rescheduled for March 3, 2021, at 9 a.m.



Ice and Fallen Trees Continue to Impact Salem Area Residents 

4:30 p.m. Public Works, Fire, and Police crews have continued to coordinate and respond to road blockages from fallen trees and debris.  There are currently 86 traffic signals out of operation, awaiting power to be restored. Governor Brown has declared a State of Emergency for nine counties in Oregon, including Marion and Polk Counties. The executive order allows the Oregon Office of Emergency Management to begin using people, equipment, and facilities from other agencies to deal with the emergency. Residents are being advised to stay home and off the roads if possible. Salem residents should continue to report road and tree concerns to Public Works Dispatch at 503-588-6311 or email [email protected] The Public Works dispatch line operates 24 hours a day.

City crews are focusing efforts on removing fallen trees and limbs from major roadways, pushing debris to the side to make way for traffic. This debris will be removed in the coming days. We are currently working through 368 documented tree response calls many of which are impeding roadways, sidewalks, and buildings. The City recognizes the hardship our residents are facing during this weather emergency. We will continue to update the public on our City's website and social media channels.

Local Area Closures Include; 

  • Salem Library Curbside Service
  • Salem Health Vaccine Clinics ( NOW OPEN) 

Power Outages Can Continue to be Reported to:

Trees Down and Blocking Major Roadways Citywide

7:33 a.m. Salem crews have reported that hundreds of trees are down and blocking major and smaller roadways across the city.  Salem residents are advised to please stay home and safe as City crews work to remove these hazards.  Do not approach or touch power lines.  Outdoor conditions remain hazardous, use extra caution if going outdoors.

Power outages can be reported to:

  • Portland General Electric:  1-800-544-1795 or 503-464-7777
  • Salem Electric:  503-362-3601
  • Pacific Power:  1-877-508-5088

Roadway concerns can be reported to the 24-hour Public Works Dispatch Center at [email protected] or 503-588-6311.

Restoring power outages in these types of storm events will take time.  Utility providers and the City appreciate your patience as crews respond.

Check the power outage status with the following maps:

Further updates will be provided as additional information becomes available.

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