Walkers and Bikers Will Benefit from Street Improvements

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List of funded bicycle and pedestrian safety projects for the next five years

​As part of our goal of a safer community, at least 16 safety projects are planned over the next five years to benefit bikers and walkers.

Upgrades, which are the result of community ideas, include new crossings, new sidewalks, pedestrian islands, flashing beacons, and buffered bike lanes. Over the past several years, we've made similar changes throughout Salem to be a more biking and walking friendly city.

Learn more about improvements in 2019 and 2020.

​​Full 5-Year Project List

The cycle from idea to completed biker/walker project can take several years:

  • Idea. Ideas come from our community. Sometimes ideas are shared through a planning effort or study, like the City of Salem Pedestrian Safety Study (2018), State Street Refinement Plan (2018), or the Commercial-Vista Corridor Study (2017).  Ideas can also come from community input to the City's Safer Crossings Program

  • Fund. We are constantly scanning funding sources and finding the best match between a project and available grant funding. Different grant sources have different criteria based on the focus of the grant. Grants are very competitive, because needs exceed available funding.

  • Design. Once funding is secured, we start detailed design, often involving community input.

  • Acquire. With the design complete, we work to acquire any property needed to build the project.

  • Construct. These types of upgrades are typically built in the summer months.

Keep track of progress

Follow the progress of these projects on the Pedestrian Issues Requests Map. The map show projects that have been requested, which have been funded, and which are complete
Learn more about these and other improvements planned in your neighborhood.

You can also help by submitting your ideas for improvements through our Safer Crossings Program.

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