Wastewater Treatment and Best Management Practices

These management and operational procedures are intended to prevent pollutants from entering a facility’s wastestream or reaching a discharge point.

These best management practices (BMPs) are defined within Title 40 (Protection of the Environment) of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 403.3(e) as schedules of activities, prohibitions of practices, maintenance procedures, and other management practices to implement the general and specific prohibitions listed in sections 403.5(a)(1) and (b).

Best management practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Treatment requirements
  • Operating procedures
  • Practices to control
    • Plant site runoff
    • Spillage or leaks
    • Sludge or waste disposal
    • Drainage from raw materials storage

Best management practices documents

These documents address common practices used in various industries. They are provided by the Environmental Services section of the City of Salem Public Works Department and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

1200C Permit Guidancedeq-1200c-permit-guidance-bmp.pdf999 KB
Auto Repair Shopauto-repair-shop-bmp.pdf793 KB
Concrete Professionalconcrete-professional-bmp.pdf23 KB
Dental Officedental-office-bmp.pdf661 KB
DEQ - Erosion and Sediment Control Manualdeq-erosion-and-sediment-control-manual-bmp.pdf3232 KB
DEQ - Industrial Stormwater Manualdeq-industrial-stormwater-manual-bmp.pdf19947 KB
Fats, Oils, and Grease in Food Service; What you need to knowfood-service-fog-brochure.pdf2074 KB
Print Shopprinting-shop-bmp.pdf767 KB
RCRA Waste Discharge Notification Letterrcra-waste-discharge-notification-letter.pdf33 KB
Salem Erosion Control Handbooksalems-erosion-control-handbook-bmp.pdf1119 KB
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Flat Loterosion-control-flat-lot.pdf351 KB
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Sloped Loterosion-control-sloped-lot.pdf349 KB
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Waterwayerosion-control-waterway-lot.pdf349 KB
Vehicle Washingvehicle-washing-bmp.pdf814 KB

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