Wastewater Pretreatment Program

​What is pretreatment?

Wastewater is often contaminated by a variety of harmful pollutants (such as industrial process by-products like copper, lead, nickel, and other heavy metals). Because wastewater treatment systems are not designed to remove all of these substances, they can damage sewers and interfere with the operation of treatment plants; pass through the systems untreated, result in pollution of nearby waters; and increase the costs and environmental risks. The practice of removing pollutants from wastewater before it is discharged into the treatment system is known as "pretreatment."

Salem’s program

Salem has an award-winning program which fulfills the Federal and State mandated requirements by identifying, permitting, and tracking compliance of affected industry types.

Some of the activities we administer to support this program are:

Communications and permits

  • Provide public outreach and event participation
  • Conduct business surveys
  • Develop and maintain local discharge limits
  • Develop industrial sewer charges and permit fees
  • Review Wastewater Discharge permit applications
  • Respond to citizen complaints and inquiries
  • Write wastewater discharge permits

Inspections and enforcement

  • Respond to sanitary sewer complaints
  • Fulfill Schedule E of the City’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit
  • Enforce the Local Sewer Use Ordinance
  • Collect samples and post warning signs
  • Inspect and sample permitted industries for compliance
  • Take enforcement actions for non-compliance

Standards and reporting

  • Develop and maintain the pretreatment program manual and checklist
  • Maintain and procure equipment
  • Maintain best management practices
  • Maintain industry historical files
  • Prepare and submit the annual pretreatment report
  • Report sanitary sewer overflows
  • Review plans for pretreatment requirements
  • Review and approve accidental spill prevention plans

Outside pretreatment facility


City of Spokane, WA "Will It Flush?" video (6 minutes)

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Documents distributed by Environmental Services to address common practices used in various industries.*Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

1200C Permit Guidancedeq-1200c-permit-guidance-bmp.pdf999 KB
Auto Repair Shopauto-repair-shop-bmp.pdf793 KB
Concrete Professionalconcrete-professional-bmp.pdf23 KB
Dental Officedental-office-bmp.pdf661 KB
DEQ - Erosion and Sediment Control Manualdeq-erosion-and-sediment-control-manual-bmp.pdf3232 KB
DEQ - Industrial Stormwater Manualdeq-industrial-stormwater-manual-bmp.pdf19947 KB
Fats, Oils, and Grease in Food Service; What you need to knowfood-service-fog-brochure.pdf2074 KB
Print Shopprinting-shop-bmp.pdf767 KB
RCRA Waste Discharge Notification Letterrcra-waste-discharge-notification-letter.pdf33 KB
Salem Erosion Control Handbooksalems-erosion-control-handbook-bmp.pdf1119 KB
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Flat Loterosion-control-flat-lot.pdf351 KB
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Sloped Loterosion-control-sloped-lot.pdf349 KB
Single-Family Standard Erosion Control Plan - Waterwayerosion-control-waterway-lot.pdf349 KB
Vehicle Washingvehicle-washing-bmp.pdf814 KB

Environmental Services forms, applications, and required reports.

Accidental Spill Prevention Plan and Slug Control Planaccidental-spill-prevention-plan-and-slug-control-plan.pdf138 KB
Authorized Representative and Total Toxic Organics Statementauthorized-representative-and-total-toxic-organics-statement.pdf30 KB
Biannual Compliance Report Requirementsbiannual-compliance-report-requirements.pdf24 KB
Determining Permit Duration Statusdetermining-permit-duration-status.pdf19 KB
Final Compliance Reportfinal-compliance-report.pdf78 KB
One Time Compliance Report for Dental Dischargers (fillable)one-time-compliance-report-for-dental-dischargers.pdf335 KB
Pretreatment Manualpretreatment-manual.pdf246 KB
Septic Haulers Discharge Applicationseptic-haulers-discharge-application.pdf292 KB
Septic Haulers Discharge Permit Guidelinesseptic-haulers-discharge-permit-guidelines.pdf237 KB
Septic Haulers Manifestseptic-haulers-manifest.pdf85 KB
Total Toxic Organics Certification Statementstto-certification-statement.pdf42 KB
Total Toxic Organics List Part 433total-toxic-organics-list-part-433.pdf28 KB
Total Toxin Organics List Part 469total-toxic-organics-list-part-469.pdf19 KB
Toxic Organics Management Plan Guidelines for Non TTO Userstoxic-organics-manangement-plan-guidelines-for-non-tto-users.pdf23 KB
Toxin Organics Management Plan Guidelines for TTO Userstoxic-organics-manangement-plan-guidelines-for-tto-users.pdf22 KB
Trash Area Management PlanTrash Area Management Plan.pdf136 KB
Trash Area Management Plantrash-area-management-plan.pdf136 KB
Wastewater Discharge Permit Applicationwastewater-discharge-permit-application.pdf937 KB
Wastewater Discharge Permit Renewal Applicationwastewater-discharge-permit-renewal-application.pdf376 KB
Water Conservation and Sewer Pretreatment Grant Applicationwater-conservation-sewer-pretreatment-grant-application.pdf175 KB
Zero Wastewater Discharge Permit Renewal Applicationwastewater-permit-zero-discharge-application.pdf357 KB

Compliance forms for pretreatment program requirements.

EPA Dental Rule Fact Sheetepa-dental-rule-fact-sheet.pdf221 KB
Fire Sprinkler Systemsfire-sprinkler-systems.pdf43 KB
Flow Monitoring Facilities Requirementsflow-monitoring-facilities-requirements.pdf47 KB
Food Facility Stormwater Pretreatment Requirementsfood-facility-stormwater-pretreatment-requirements.pdf47 KB
Grease Pretreatment Guidelinesgrease-pretreatment-guidlines.pdf46 KB
Laundry Facility Trapslaundry-facility-traps.pdf48 KB
Monitoring Manhole Requirementsmonitoring-manholes-requirements.pdf46 KB
Pretreatment Consideration Checklistpretreatment-consideration-checklist.pdf117 KB
Residentail Grease Management Planresidential-grease-management-plan.pdf43 KB
Residential Grease Management Plan with Photosresidential-grease-management-with-pictures.pdf5312 KB
Storm Sanitary Diversion Optionsstorm-sanitary-diversion-options.pdf46 KB
Stormwater Pretreatment Standardsstormwater-pretreatment-standards.pdf50 KB
Swimming Pool Guidelinesswimming-pool-guidelines.pdf43 KB

Environmental Services forms used to gather information from the affected industry to determine compliance with pretreatment regulations and standards.

Carpet Cleaners Surveycarpet-cleaners-survey.pdf55 KB
Dental Surveydental-survey.pdf109 KB
Dry Cleaners Surveydry-cleaners-survey.pdf59 KB
Grease Surveygrease-survey.pdf281 KB
Photo Surveyphoto-survey.pdf66 KB
Print Shop Letterprint-shop-letter.pdf51 KB