Water-Wastewater Task Force


The Water-Wastewater Task Force was established in 1993 to advise the Public Works Department and City Council on utility rate setting and to review the utility code. Every other year, this task force reviews a utility rate proposal and makes a recommendation on water, wastewater, and stormwater rates to the City Council. The rate proposal is developed with the assistance of an experienced consultant and is based on City Council policy adopted in the cost of service analysis. The policy framework of the cost of service is reviewed every four years.

The Water-Wastewater Task Force is composed of four City Councilors and seven appointed citizen members.

Number of members: 11
Type of appointment: Public Works Director appointment with Mayoral approval
Length of term: Ongoing
DateDocument TitleTypeFile Size
9/12/2016water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-issues-related-to-the-irrigation-rate-2016-09-12.pdf1097 KB
9/8/2016water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2016-09-08.pdf84 KB
9/8/2016water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2017-2018-biennium-utility-rate-proposal-2016-09-08.pdf1941 KB
8/25/2016water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2016-08-25.pdf80 KB
8/11/2016water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2016-08-11.pdf79 KB
7/28/2016water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2016-07-28.pdf147 KB
7/14/2016water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2016-07-14.pdf79 KB
7/14/2016water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-packet-2016-07-14.pdf16671 KB
6/30/2016water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2016-06-30.pdf79 KB
9/11/2014water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2014-09-11.pdf86 KB
8/28/2014water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2014-08-28.pdf86 KB
8/28/2014water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2014-08-28.pdf15 KB
10/4/2012water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2012-10-04.pdf248 KB
10/4/2012water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2012-10-04.pdf15 KB
9/20/2012water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2012-09-20.pdf104 KB
9/20/2012water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2012-09-20.pdf33 KB
6/21/2012water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2012-06-21.pdf89 KB
6/21/2012water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2012-06-21.pdf60 KB
5/17/2012water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2012-05-17.pdf49 KB
4/19/2012water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2012-04-19.pdf98 KB
4/19/2012water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2012-04-19.pdf59 KB
3/15/2012water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2012-03-15.pdf103 KB
3/15/2012water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2012-03-15.pdf60 KB
2/16/2012water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2012-02-16.pdf31 KB
1/19/2012water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2012-01-19.pdf136 KB
10/7/2010water-wastewater-task-force-agenda-2010-10-07.pdf7 KB
8/19/2010water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2010-08-19.pdf13 KB
7/15/2010water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2010-07-15.pdf10 KB
12/17/2009water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2009-12-17.pdf11 KB
11/19/2009water-wastewater-task-force-minutes-2009-11-19.pdf12 KB
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MemberPositionFilterAppointmentTermTerm Expires
Brad Nanke
City Councilor for Ward 3
Bruce Anderson
Keizer City Councilor
Cara Kaser
City Councilor for Ward 1
David Sawyer
Administrator, City of Turner
Greg Machado
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce
Jim Lewis
City Councilor for Ward 8
Mark Fields
Suburban East Salem Water District
Rick Massey
Home Builders Association
Sam Brentano
Marion County Board of Commissioners
Steve Anderson
General public
Steve McCoid
City Councilor for Ward 4
Apr. 10
Salem City Council Public Transit Committee Meeting6:00 p.m.7:30 p.m.Public Works Department
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Apr. 11
Salem Public Library Advisory Board5:30 p.m.7:00 p.m.Salem Public Library Main Branch
585 Liberty ST SE
Salem OR 97301
Apr. 12
Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting 5:30 p.m.7:00 p.m.Traffic Control Conference Room
Civic Center 555 Liberty ST SE RM 325
Salem OR 97301
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