We are celebrating 45 years as a Tree City USA!


​This year, we're celebrating 45 years as a Tree City USA! To celebrate, we're planning several events for Salem's Tree lovers.

We're starting off the celebration with a tree poster contest with the theme "If I Were a Tree." Join our celebration by creating and sharing your artwork. There will be prizes for the top two entries in each age category, so get out your crayons, sharpen your colored pencils, or find your watercolor brushes. The deadline to submit entries for the contest is May 28, 2021.

This year's contest theme, "If I Were a Tree," invites you to imagine being a tree, or to take a moment to look through the imaginary eyes of a tree. Share your insights through your artwork. This poster contest is designed to inspire wonder at the beautiful assortment of trees that make up Salem's community forest, appreciation for the needs of trees, and the important roles they play in our lives.

We're proud of our trees. Not only are they beautiful, but they provide many benefits to our community and the environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, reduce soil erosion, filter pollutants out of the air and water, and keep our streams, parks, sidewalks, and streets cool, just to name a few of those benefits.

Salem is a charter member of the Tree City USA Program started in 1976, making Salem the oldest Tree City USA in Oregon. To be a Tree City USA, we must:

  • have a tree board or department,
  • have a tree care ordinance,
  • have a community forestry program with an annual budget of at least $2 per capita, and
  • observe Arbor Day annually.

We are committed to protecting, increasing, and enhancing our tree canopy.

Stay tuned for other tree events coming this summer and fall, including poet-tree and tree trivia contests.

Download the poster and form here.

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