West Salem Business District Zone Code Clean-up

​The West Salem Zone Code Clean-up intends to streamline zoning regulations in certain areas along Edgewater Street NW, 2nd Street NW, and Wallace Road NW by removing overlay zones and creating single zones that contain more flexibility for commercial and mixed-use development. The project seeks to implement the recommendations from the West Salem Business District Action Plan, consistent with earlier studies of the area.

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Continued public outreach and refining the draft zone code changes

​City staff are continuing to meet with residents, businesses, community groups, and other stakeholders in November and December. The feedback from this outreach, together with the comments received at the October 18 Public Meeting, will be incorporated into a refined draft of the zone code changes to be available by the end of the year.

First draft of zone code changes available for review

A first draft of the zone code changes is now available for review. This draft will be explained and discussed at the upcoming October 18 Public Meeting.

Stakeholder meetings

City staff met with stakeholders in the West Salem area, including property owners, residents, businesses, and the West Salem Neighborhood Association to gather input for the draft zoning changes. 

11/7/2017Planning Commission work session presentation1982 KB
11/3/2017West Salem Zone Code Changes Summary Draft - 11-03-20171830 KB

The Action Plan is a multi-year plan to incent private development and  plan needed infrastructure to support redevelopment in the commercial and industrial areas of the West Salem Urban Renewal Area (URA).

Several properties within the West Salem business district are underutilized today, and the zoning regulations that apply to the area are a cumbersome patchwork of zones that reflect previous land use patterns and do not accommodate the range of uses that are desired today.

The Action Plan recognizes that the West Salem business district consists of three distinct areas:

  • Town Center: This area is located east of Wallace Road and south of Taybin Road and has a broad range of public and private services.
  • Employment Area: This area is situated between Patterson Street and Wallace Road and is home to manufacturing businesses with a rich West Salem history.
  • Main Street Area: This area has a linear downtown feel with the buildings facing the street west of the Employment Area along Edgewater and 2nd Streets.

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