Willow Lake Cogeneration Facility Upgrade


​Since 1988 the City of Salem has operated a 650kW cogeneration facility to generate power from biogas produced as a byproduct of wastewater treatment processes at its Willow Lake Water Pollution Control Facility. The system is at the end of its useful life and is undersized for the quantity of biogas produced.

The objectives of the Cogeneration Facility Upgrade project are:

  • Maximize the utilization of available biogas produced to produce clean and reliable renewable energy.
  • More efficiently and reliably generate electricity from biogas.
  • Utilize waste heat from electricity generation.
  • Reduce the City’s reliance on non-renewable power sources.
  • Provide environmental and economic value to the community and the City’s ratepayers.
  • Replace the existing cogeneration system, which is at the end of its useful life.

The project will upgrade the system for cogeneration of power using methane gas generated from the City's wastewater treatment process.

Project costs

A $3,000,000 grant from Portland General Electric's Renewable Development Fund. This funding was made possible by PGE's Green Future℠.

A $3,000,000 Renewable Energy Project Installation Incentive from Energy Trust of Oregon

A $250,000 Renewable Energy Development Grant from Oregon Department of Energy

A $200,000 Project Development Assistance Incentive from Energy Trust of Oregon

Approximately $138,000 in Energy Efficiency Incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon

City sewer and water rates funds.

Funding Partners

This project was made possible with funding support from the Portland General Electric (PGE) Renewable Development Fund, with additional support from Energy Trust of Oregon.



The new cogeneration facility at the Willow Lake Water Treatment Pollution Control Facility will produce up to 1200 kW of renewable electricity from biogas produced as a byproduct of wastewater treatment processes; enough energy to power 900 homes.

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