Willow Lake Wastewater Pollution Control Facility

Willow Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant

Willow Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant

​The City of Salem provides wastewater services to an area that comprises more than 60 square miles, including the City of Salem, the City of Turner, and the City of Keizer. The combined peak day demand being about 200 million gallons per day.

Willow Lake Wastewater Treatment plant is working on several projects at the facility to ensure we continue to meet standards and overall enhancement to the community.

Projects underway at Willow Lake

Willow Lake WPCF - Gravity Thickener Rehabilitation

Construction for the rehabilitation of the plant's gravity thickeners, including recoating of interiors and concrete repair. Upgrade and relocation of the motor control center and associated electrical equipment from the north primary pump station to the newly vacant raw water pump station. In addition, this project provides for the rehabilitation of the grit handling facility.

Willow Lake WPCF - Medium Voltage Transformer Replacement, Phase II

Design and construction for the replacement of medium voltage transformers to provide proper protection from ground faults and power surges at Willow Lake WPCF

Willow Lake WPCF - Cogeneration Facility Upgrade

The project will upgrade the system for cogeneration of power using methane gas generated from the City’s wastewater treatment process. The design and construction of this project will be funded in part by grant funding from Energy Trust of Oregon, PGE Renewable Energy Funds, and possibly other sources based on the potential energy savings that may be realized from this project.

Willow Lake WPCF - Solids Handling Facility

Design and construction of a solid handling facility at the Willow Lake WPCF including structural, mechanical, and electrical systems necessary to dewater solids and prepare for transport offsite.

Willow Lake WPCF - Trickling Filter Arms

Design and construction to replace distributor arms in four trickling filters at the Willow Lake WPCF. The equipment is near the end of its useful life and work may include associated improvements to the drive mechanisms for the distributor arms. The work may also include replacement of four failing isolation gates on the trickling filter influent pump station.

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